June 29, 2017
Young Wife Lured Her Teen Sister To America So Her Older Husband Could Sexually Abuse Her

Fifty-year-old Dale Leary and his twenty-one-year-old wife, Marta San Jose, have been accused of coaxing San Jose's underaged sister into meeting them in Miami so that Leary could sexually abuse her.

It's not the first time Dale Leary has been involved in sexual assault. In the mid-1980s, Leary was convicted on a count of sexual abuse after he broke into a woman's home, tied her up, and attacked her sexually while holding her at gunpoint.

For years Mr. Leary had been providing a place to stay for foreign exchange students in his home in Cutler Bay. That is how he met Marta San Jose, a student from Spain. After becoming sexually involved with San Jose, Leary decided to divorce his wife and marry the young woman from Spain instead.

Miami police have been able to confirm that the couple managed to convince Marta's sister - fourteen years old at the time - to leave Spain and settle with them in America.

It is then that Leary and San Jose began to sexually abuse her underaged sister - a traumatic experience that lasted for roughly two years.

According to the Miami Herald, police have indicated that there may be other victims of similar sexual abuse at the hands of Leary and were hoping that they would come forward now that the couple has been arrested.

Dale Leary accused of multiple sexual abuse charges
Dale Leary [Image by Miami-Dade Police Department]

Charges of lascivious conduct with a minor, possession of child pornography, committing sexual acts with a sibling child, and leading a child to engage in unlawful acts, were brought against the couple.

On Wednesday, Marta San Jose pleaded not guilty to the various sexual assault charges, while Dale Leary entered the same plea last week. After appearing in court, Leary was ordered by the judge not to have any contact with San Jose or her sister. Bond was set at $50,000 for each charge.

According to the account given by the accused couple, it was their parents in Spain who had sexually abused San Jose's sister, which was dismissed by the young sibling. Leary claims that he was trying to ascertain if the minor had, in fact, been sexually abused when he used his fingers to penetrate her.

It is alleged that the procedure was repeated multiple times over the years. The couple also reportedly gave the young sister alcohol and had sex in front her. Oral sex between all three parties was also allegedly performed numerous times.

Furthermore, Leary allegedly made the teen walk around the house, naked in heels while photographing her.

Marta San Jose allegedly lured her underaged sister to America so her husband could sexual abuse her
Marta San Jose [Image by Miami-Dade Police Department]

Dale Leary is the owner of Prodigy Professional Group, a branding company that has allegedly worked major clients such as Daimler, Siemens, and Coca-Cola.

At the time Leary met Marta San Jose, she was just sixteen-years-old and in junior high school. Once she turned eighteen, Leary divorced his wife and married San Jose.

Meanwhile, in Spain, San Jose's home country, her parents, and younger sibling were not aware of Marta's dealings with Leary.

San Jose's sister has been returned to Spain to be with her parents.

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