Chelsea DeBoer Pregnant With Her Third Baby? Fans Are Excited – And Confused

Chelsea DeBoer just gave birth to her second child five months ago she, as she and Cole DeBoer celebrated the early arrival of their son, Watson Cole. This adorable little boy has spread joy throughout the DeBoer home, and it sounds like Aubree loves being a big sister. Based on the Instagram posts that Chelsea shares, little Watson is loving life with this family and trips to the pool. But when DeBoer asked a question about saving diapers for the next baby, fans quickly lost their minds. Was she pregnant already?

According to a new Instagram post, Chelsea DeBoer’s fans are now showing some excitement and confusion over the fact that Chelsea may be pregnant already. While it is possible for her to be pregnant again, one can imagine she would want to wait. This is Cole’s first child, and one can imagine he wants to soak in all of the milestones and enjoy every moment of this parenting journey.

And yet, Chelsea and Cole can’t escape the rumors that they may already be pregnant with baby No. 3. Of course, the rumor surfaced out of excitement for the couple, as people would love to follow Chelsea on another pregnancy journey and watch her create another beautiful baby with Cole.


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“Is it true she is prego with baby number 3? I hope so!!! She is so gorgeous and has the cutest family!!” one person questioned on one of Chelsea DeBoer’s Instagram posts.

While Chelsea didn’t respond to the rumor that she’s pregnant with her third baby, she did write on Twitter that she wanted to save the diapers for the next baby. But in that statement, she also said the reason she asked is because she didn’t want the diapers to become dry and unusable. This could hint that she’s waiting a long time for baby No. 2, as it does take diapers a long time to become unusable. In other words, Chelsea is most likely not pregnant.

His first time at the pool and he is LOVING it! @coledeboer

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If Chelsea DeBoer and Cole are thinking about having another baby, it is possible that it will happen within the next year or two. Maybe she wants Watson Cole to have a playmate who is close in age rather than space them out as Aubree and Watson are.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer’s fans being excited and confused about these pregnancy rumors?

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