‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Fixates Hatred On Sonny, Steve Burton Returns [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) has a long struggle ahead, and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will increasingly be the target of her anger. Even though Sonny hasn’t done anything in particular to trigger Sam, her rage is not unjustified. Time and again, Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) was in danger because he was watching Sonny’s back. Sam has had enough, and she’s not wrong. Plus, news broke today that the old Jason, Steve Burton, is back on GH as part of Sam’s psycho story.

What’s wrong with Sam?

That’s the question General Hospital spoilers keep asking, but the answer is not coming out just yet. Some have speculated it might be a tumor, but that notion was dismissed. It seems late for postpartum depression or psychosis, but they still might try that. Alternately, GH might have created a whole illness for Sam as they did with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Blackwood Syndrome.

What’s funny is that some GH fans have mocked on social media that it took an illness for Sam to figure out that Sonny is a bad influence on Jason and a danger to her family. Remember Jason “died” on the docks years ago taking care of business for the Corinthos cartel, and that led to Danny Morgan (TK Weaver) growing up for years without his father. Sonny is a danger to the Morgans, and that’s a fact.

Kelly Monaco at daytime event
Sam Morgan has a big Summer story [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

Sam shoots Sonny

General Hospital spoilers for Summer from a podcast interview with Nathan Varni promised Sam would shoot someone, and all signs point to her taking a shot at Sonny. Sam is growing increasingly agitated whenever Jason brings up Sonny. Plus, since Jason came back from Puerto Rico with a bullet wound, Sam is off the deep end, but GH fans can’t blame her for her anger.

Jason’s reaction was to prescribe a doctor visit for Sam, and she will go, but Jason shouldn’t expect Sam to shrink back from her accusations against Sonny. In fact, GH spoilers from Soap Central promise Sam will grow angrier and will begin to internalize her rage to keep Jason from seeing how unhinged she is. All this culminates this Summer with Sam taking aim at Sonny and pulling the trigger.

Paging Dr. DePaiva

The GH promo featuring Frank Valentini introducing James DePaiva to the cast had many hearts aflutter hoping Jim would be the recast of Jeff Webber, and Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) could meet her dad. But no, he’s not Jeff, and he’s not sticking around for too long. Neither is Budig since word just came out she was fired. Instead, Jim DePaiva will be a doctor who treats Sam for what’s ailing her.

General Hospital spoilers tease it’ll be next week when we meet Dr. DePaiva (or whatever his name will be) when Sam’s health spirals out of control, and Jason insists she needs a trip to GH. The promo video on Sam and the doc (see below) looks like she might finally come clean to someone. No one can help Sam unless she’ll admit she’s hallucinating. That’s a huge symptom, but she’s kept quiet about it.

How does Steve Burton fit into the puzzle?

Although General Hospital spoilers spun out of control when Daytime Confidential confirmed Steve Burton’s soap return would be to GH, perhaps the outrage should be dialed back a notch. Fans have been freaking out, and some are cheering (but more are jeering) the presumed plot of old Jason versus new Jason. Some have suggested Billy Miller would leave or be relegated back to Jake Doe status and other nonsense.

What seems far more likely, and we’ll have more clues from General Hospital today, is that Steve Burton might return strictly as a hallucination who will visit with Sam while she struggles with her illness. Billy Miller’s not leaving GH and heading to another soap, and Burton won’t stick around too long. Remember, Steve Burton lives in Nashville, owns a restaurant there, and is running two successful businesses, plus he tours with his band, Port Chuck.

Will “old” Jason save Sam?

Given how often Sam is hallucinating, she might wind up with a Greek chorus of voices in her head and at her side. General Hospital spoilers promise Sam’s story will take center stage for most of the Summer and perhaps “old” Jason wearing Steve Burton’s face might counsel Sam and help her instead of winding her up like all these other voices are doing.

GH spoilers from the promo video have shown that the hallucination Sonny is a scary dude, so Sam needs a balancing influence in her brain. Maybe that’s the role Steve Burton as Jason will fulfill. One thing is clear; Kelly Monaco is doing a stellar job acting this juicy material she’s been given. But many General Hospital fans lament the fact that there can’t seem to be a major plot on this show that Sonny doesn’t have his fingers in so the attention is on him.

There’s lots more to come for Sam according to these latest General Hospital spoilers, so stay tuned to ABC.

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