Xbox One Game Pass Adding ‘Resident Evil 6’, ‘Dead Island’ And 5 More Titles In July

The Xbox One Game Pass library is expanding at the start of July, Microsoft announced Wednesday. The Netflix-like gaming subscription service just launched at the start of June and is already expanding with seven more titles.

The Game Pass library update is scheduled for Saturday, July 1 and will add six new Xbox One titles and one Xbox 360 backwards compatible game. This includes zombie titles Resident Evil 6 and Dead Island: Definitive Edition, racing title F1 2015, survival rogue-lite The Flame in the Flood, platformers Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and Bard’s Gold, plus top-down action title Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine.

Additionally, all Payday 2 DLC will be discounted by 25 percent between July 1 and July 16 for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers. This is to celebrate he release of the Most Wanted DLC bundle for the first-person shooter heist title.

Of these games, The Flame in the Flood and Bard’s Gold are the newest. The former was released in February 2016 and the latter in June 2016. The rest of the line-up of games date as far back as 2012. That’s the crux of the Xbox Game Pass service, however. Recent titles are less likely to appear while older games will fill the ranks.

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Microsoft has stated it plans to add new titles to the service every month. Additionally, the company would like to eventually get to the point where games are released to Game Pass at the same time they launch on the Xbox One. This is already seen occasionally with indie titles and Games with Gold.

As previously covered, Xbox Game Pass is a $9.99 a month subscription service that offers unlimited access to a library of over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 backward compatible games to download and play. The games are not streamed but are available as full downloads that can be played as long as the Game Pass subscription is active.

The service also comes with a 20 percent discount on any game purchases from the Game Pass library plus a standard 10 percent discount on all DLC add-ons. Though it now appears developers can run special promotions like the PayDay 2 DLC sale from 505 Games above.

Resident Evil 6 faces off for the Xbox Game Pass July update.
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