14.4-Pound Baby Born In South Carolina, Breaks Birth Weight Record

A 14.4-pound baby was just born in Lexington, South Carolina. Cindy Richmond and Arthur Keisler felt they were having a big baby, but they did not think their third bundle of joy would greet the world as a toddler-sized human being.

The first baby born to Arthur Keisler and Cindy Richmond weighed in at 7.6 pounds. Their second baby weighed 9.8 pounds the day it was born. The South Carolina couple thought their third child would weigh about 10 pounds. They had no idea the baby would tip the 14-pound mark and set a new birth weight record.

The Richmond-Keisler baby was the biggest ever born at the Lexington Medical Center, which has been in operation since 1971. The baby was born on June 23.

“He’s a toddler at three days old,” Arthur Keisler said during an interview with WLTX.

The baby boy was delivered via a caesarean section a week before his anticipated due date. Dr. Jamie Brown delivered the record-breaking baby at the Lexington Women’s Care center. When Cindy Richmond and Arthur Keisler saw their third child for the first time, they both gasped audibly, MSN reports.

Even the nurses assisting in the South Carolina delivery room were reportedly astonished by the size of the newborn. The baby boy measured 24 inches long — the length of a typical 4- to 5-month-old infant. Donna Hinton, who has been an obstetrics nurse for almost three decades, said she had never before seen such a large newborn.

“When he was born, it was an ‘Oh my God!’ moment,” the Lexington mother said.

Richmond went on to say the final two or three months of her pregnancy were fairly difficult. The mother said she experienced many sleepless nights and was extremely uncomfortable.

None of the baby clothes Richmond and Keisler had purchased for their son would fit. The baby boy immediately began wearing clothes made for a 6-month-old baby.

The average size of a newborn baby is 7.5 pounds. Until baby Colin was born, the largest baby ever delivered at the Lexington Medical Center was a 13-pound infant who joined the world in 1987. The hospital delivers approximately 3,500 babies annually.

Both the 14.4-pound baby and his mother are healthy and doing well.

[Featured Image by Olesia Bilkei/Shutterstock]