‘Modern Family’ Star Ariel Winter Jokes About STDs As She Poses In A Bikini

Ariel Winter recently shut down haters who called her out for her seductive and nearly nude social media photos, and now she’s having a little fun at their expense.

The Modern Family actress used social media this week to make a tongue-in-cheek joke about STDs after being repeatedly slammed for posting nearly-nude photos online of herself in various bikinis and states of undress over the past several months.

Her most recent bikini photo was a snap of herself at a restaurant in Delaware on June 27, which Winter jokingly captioned, “I got crabs in Delaware.”

The photo showed Winter dining on crabs at a seafood restaurant while wearing a purple bikini that was barely covered by her apron.

Fans were quick to note the actress’s double entendre came after she had been posting some pretty risqué snaps of herself online recently and joked about her pun in the comments section.

“Oh I get it. Like the condition,” @mythic_marc wrote in reply to the actress’s photo, while @nadiranga joked in response to Ariel’s caption, “Use protection, a bib may be would have helped.”

But while some fans joked along with the Modern Family actress, others weren’t so thrilled about the star joking about crabs and STDs on the photo-sharing site.

Ariel Winter Jokes About STIs While In A Bikini
[Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for The Trevor Project]

“Discustinggggggg iykk,” @barisyavuz08 hit back, while @lee.chapman.1422 told Ariel, “You should phrase that better, like I have ordered crabs in Delaware…”

Winter’s STD joke came shortly after the 19-year-old was slammed by haters online for posting numerous risqué photos of herself posing in barely-there bikinis over the past few months.

After posting a photo of her backside on full display while wearing a thong bikini in May, Ariel was hit with some serious backlash from fans who called her out for showing so much skin.

One particularly disgruntled Instagram user even told Winter that they felt the teenager was “embarrassing” her Modern Family co-stars by continually stripping down and posing nearly nude across social media.

Ariel Winter jokes about crabs while posing in a bikini
[Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Critics' Choice Awards]

But despite the backlash, Ariel has since proven that she’s not letting the haters get to her after she was seen walking around Los Angeles in a pair of seriously short shorts that left very little to the imagination just a few days after the nearly-naked drama.

Proving she’s comfortable with her body and won’t be covering up just because of the vicious comments she receives on social media, Winter donned the seriously short booty shorts that left her butt cheeks almost completely exposed as she did a little shopping with a friend in Beverly Hills.

Ariel’s nearly nude outing came shortly after she clapped back at the haters and confirmed that she’ll be dressing however she pleases and showing as much skin as she wants on her social media pages.

What do you think of Ariel Winter’s STD crabs joke following the backlash her recent nearly naked photos have received across social media?

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