Brandi Glanville Goes MIA After Feud: ‘Hopefully You’re In A Psychological Treatment Facility’

Brandi Glanville made headlines a few weeks ago when she decided that she wanted to call out her ex-husband’s new wife for stalking. It’s no secret that Brandi and LeAnn Rimes have been feuding for years, as Glanville feels that Rimes is overstepping her boundaries. Just a few weeks ago, Brandi issued a statement, saying that she felt she had been harassed by LeAnn’s employees and friends online. In addition, she called out Eddie Cibrian for not respect her as the mother of his children. During this time, Brandi was very active on social media, defending herself and responding to statements released in this matter.

However, it sounds like Glanville is now speaking out after having stepped away from social media for a few days. According to a new tweet, Brandi Glanville is now revealing that she realizes she’s been missing in action and promises her fans that she will be back soon. She also revealed that she missed talking to her fans, even though some people are downright rude. One person wrote to Brandi that she’s probably missing in action because she’s getting some help, dealing with her psychological issues in regards to Rimes.

Of course, Brandi Glanville feels that she is the victim in this entire feud, as LeAnn is supposedly stalking her online. Brandi shared screenshots of her SnapChat, where you could clearly see that Rimes had been watching her videos. After seeing these videos, she showed up where Brandi was hanging out with Glanville’s sons in tow. Eddie Cibrian released a statement saying that they had reserved their table weeks in advance and that it was all just a coincidence.

Good times and tan lines... #TBT #HelloSummer

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In addition, Eddie called out Brandi Glanville’s mental health, saying that he was worried about her health as she was making these claims about his wife. It’s clear to see that he doesn’t respect his wife, even though they share two children together.

My little baby is 14 it's so crazy time really does fly ❤️????????????????

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What do you think of Brandi Glanville’s tweet about being missing in action after her epic online feud with LeAnn Rimes? Do you think it is uncalled for that people call her out for having problems with Rimes?

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