Cops Say Alabama Mom Took Sex Pictures With Her Minor Children, Texted Them To Friend

An Alabama mom stands accused of texting several images of her two minor children having sex with one another — and with her, as well — to an unnamed Florida man, according to the New York Post.

Jennifer Lynne Weekley of Minette was reportedly still being held at the Baldwin County Jail on Wednesday after court prosecutors argued at a bail hearing on June 21 that the 37-year-old mom’s alleged actions involving the minors, a boy and a girl, were far too “horrific” to be lenient toward.

“What we have in this case is Ms. Weekley [communicating] with an individual in Florida via text message conversations,” Assistant District Attorney Matt Simpson relayed during the hearing to District Court Judge Mike Scully, in relation to the accused.

Simpson would later detail that Weekley often forced her two children into performing sex acts with one another and occasionally, with the Alabama mom herself, which she would then send off to her texting buddy in Florida.

The ADA went on to say that the mom took pictures herself and her children participating in “multiple [sex] acts” for the anonymous Florida associate, a man noted by Simpson as requesting for more “tailor-made” photo takes of Weekly’s children having sex with the Alabama resident, in different positions and performing different adult-themed actions.

alabama child sex mom
An Alabama mom reportedly forced her children into sexual situations and texted the imagery to a friend in Florida. [Image by PeopleImages/iStock]

“We have those text message conversations,” the court official claimed to District Judge Scully, as Gulf Coast News Today adds.

“In those conversations, she discusses with this person in Florida the acts that she would perform with her children, a girl at the age of six or seven at the time and a boy, the age of three or four at the time. [Weekley would then] photograph these at the request of this individual in Florida and send these images to this individual in Florida.”

Alabama police officers questioned Weekley’s daughter early on in their investigation, who confirmed posing for her mother’s child porn photographs and shared her own description of a “game” her mom invented to coerce the little girl into doing her bidding.

“They had a game [called] ‘Huckle Buckle,’ where [the girl] would [pose for] photographs and engage in activities that were consistent with the images described on the text conservation and sent to the individual in Florida,” Simpson said, including but not limited to vaginal “penetration.”

Following deliberations, District Judge Scully ultimately granted Simpson’s request and remanded the Alabama mom on charges of sexual abuse of a child under 12, permitting or allowing a child to engage in production of obscene matter and production of obscene matter, as the Post also notes.

Weekley was additionally ordered not to have any contact with children, her own or any others, under the age of 18 should she somehow obtain the $300,000 — $100,000 for each of the child sex offenses — to be released from jail. If found guilty of the child sex charges, the Alabama mom could face up to 20 years in state prison.

[Featured Image by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office]