‘Minecraft’ Update Drops For Xbox And Switch With Mansions, Llamas And More In Preparation For Cross-Play

Minecraft: Console Edition received a major content update Tuesday for Xbox and PlayStation consoles with the Nintendo Switch and Wii U update arriving in the next day. Mojang and developer 4J Studios are bringing the console versions closer to the Windows 10 PC and mobile releases in preparation for the Better Together update which will bring cross play between the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and mobile devices.

Title Update 54 is now available to download for Minecraft on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 editions of the game have also received the update in Europe and Japan with North America coming soon. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch and Wii U will also receive the update soon.

The update adds seven new Achievements or Trophies to earn along with support for the Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack and the Giants Glide track pack. More importantly, it brings several new items and features to Minecraft: Console Edition plus a new UI engine to provide performance improvements.

Here is a run-down on the new items and features.

Woodland Mansions

On the new features and items front, Woodland Mansions can now be explored in Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions. These rare structures spawn in the roofed forest biome and spawn Evoker, Vex, and Vindicator Villager mobs, who have also been added as part of the Discovery update.

Woodland Mansions in Minecraft: Console Edition.
[Image by Mojang]

Minecraft players can get help finding the Woodland Mansions by purchasing the new explorer maps from the cartographer villager with emeralds. The mansion is generally two to three stories tall with a maze of randomly generated corridors and rooms to explore and hostile mobs to defeat.

Visiting one of these mansions is worthwhile for the loot alone. Players can acquire everything from enchanted Golden Apples along with Diamond Chetplates, Enchanted Books, and much more.

New Friendly Mobs

Llamas are a neutral mob that can be tamed to assist Minecraft players with their haul of loot and other gear. They can typically be found on top of hills in herds of around four. Attacking a wild llama will cause it to spit at the player, dealing damage. They will also spit at untamed wolves unprovoked.

Taming one and equipping it with chests can give it up to 15 slots of inventory space. Additionally, attaching a lead to one tamed llama will cause nearby Llamas to form a caravan of up to 10 llamas.

Other Items

Bouncy beds in the Minecraft: Console Edition.
[Image by Mojang]

Undying Totems have been added that prevent the player from dying in combat when fatal damage is received. The Totem will be destroyed, but the player’s health drops to half a heart, all status effects are removed, and a health regeneration buff is provided.

Observer Blocks also make an appearance. These detect changes in a block it is facing and emit a Redstone pulse that creative Minecraft builders can make use of.

Dyeable Beds and Parrots have also been added. Additionally, Minecraft players can bounce on beds now, and that also helps reduce fall damage.

[Featured Image by Mojang]