Current TNA Star Reveals The ‘WrestleMania’ Moment That He Has Never Been Able To Get Over

In the world of professional wrestling, having that WrestleMania moment is what everyone wants to have, but they aren’t always perfect. Tyrus is currently on the roster of TNA Impact Wrestling, but he used to work as Brodus Clay in WWE, and he was set to have his moment back in 2013. Here it is four years later, and Tyrus is still talking about not being able to get over that one moment of his wrestling career.

From an eight-person match to not even being on the card

Back in 2013, Brodus Clay was set to have a match at WrestleMania 29, and he was going to share the ring with seven other superstars. It was a huge eight-person tag team match which would see Clay team with Tensai, Naomi, and Cameron to take on Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, and the Bella Twins.

There is a reason that WWE has given five hours to WrestleMania each year and it is to fit in as many superstars as possible on the card. There are often match numbers in the double-digits as the company wants everyone to get in on the pay from that pay-per-view. Unfortunately, things happen, and it isn’t always possible to have the card go as planned.

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As Tyrus told Wrestle:List, his match ended up being cut due to time constraints and none of those eight superstars appeared on the WrestleMania 29 card. It has been four years, but Tyrus says he still isn’t over it.

“Probably the biggest thing for me was my Wrestlemania match getting cut; I don’t think I ever really mentally recovered from that. So that for me was a very draining and disappointing situation.”

Adding up his time in Deep South Wrestling, DCW, NXT, and on the main roster, Tyrus spent about eight years with WWE.

Never having a WrestleMania moment in the ring

Despite spending all of that time in WWE, Brodus Clay/Tyrus appeared at a few different WrestleMania events, but he never had his moment.

wwe news tna impact wrestling wrestlemania match cut brodus clay tyrus 29
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Tyrus continued and said he was very upset that he was never able to have his time in the ring at the biggest WWE event of every single year.

“Although I have had some great moment in the WWE and Wrestlemania, I never had my moment in the ring, so for me mentally it was a lot. To work so hard and finally get your match – if you do great in that match usually it springboards you up, and not to get that opportunity was tough for me. After that to say I had an attitude problem is an understatement, which is on me, I didn’t handle it well.”

After being released by WWE in 2014, Brodus Clay went to TNA Impact Wrestling and took on the name of Tyrus. He has since had a great deal of success in the promotion with different angles and alliances and even taking part in some of the top storylines in the company. Tyrus may have never had his WrestleMania moment as his match was cut, but he did say he is thankful and that he’s happy where he is now.

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