Dorinda Medley Calls Out Missy For Luann Cheating Drama: Questions Friend’s Tolerance

Dorinda Medley isn’t too happy with the way people keep attacking Luann D’Agostino and her husband Tom. The two of them got married on New Year’s Eve last year, and it sounds like they are happily married. However, they can’t seem to live in peace, as many people are trying to catch Thomas in a lie. It’s no secret that he has been caught cheating once already, and Luann has hinted that she would rather live without knowing whether he has cheated again than to know the truth.

During Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley was shocked to see that Ramona Singer had invited both Luann and Thomas to her housewarming, along with one of her friends Missy. Missy is claiming that Tom had pulled her aside and had tried to kiss her. Dorinda was shocked, and she was surprised that Luann was so relaxed about it. According to a new Bravo report, Dorinda Medley is now calling out Ramona Singer and her friend Missy for being present during a party where Luann and Thomas D’Agostino would appear. Plus, Dorinda is questioning just how tolerant her friend wants to be in regards to these cheating rumors.

“WTF? Luann is far more tolerant than I am. I would have confronted Ramona on the spot and left immediately. When Harry Dubin pulled Missy aside and asked her unacceptable leading questions about her and Tom’s relationship, my skin crawled. To think, only weeks before he was a guest at their wedding! As I keep saying, leave this couple alone!” Dorinda writes in her blog for Bravo.

Of course, Missy and Ramona are friends and she may have felt odd not inviting Missy to her party. But Dorinda Medley is revealing that she was completely shocked to see them at the same party. Plus, it didn’t help that Harry pulled Missy aside and tried to stir up drama between them. He clearly wanted some gossip from Missy and he wanted to catch Tom cheating again.

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It is very interesting that Dorinda Medley and Luann are constantly defending the marriage. Tom always looks like he’s about to be caught in something when they walk into a party, and he always looks like he’s walking on eggshells.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley defending her friend? Are you surprised that Medley is constantly trying to protect her friend, even though Luann has chosen a man who has a sketchy past?

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