WWE News: Huge Backstage Update About Stone Cold’s Potential Return To ‘Raw’ Tonight

Stone Cold Steve Austin rarely appears on WWE television anymore. It’s only natural for the WWE Universe to run away with a rumor about him potentially appearing on Monday Night Raw because it doesn’t happen very often. Tonight’s edition of Raw is currently airing in Los Angeles and one of the hot topics heading into the show has been the rumored return of The Texas Rattlesnake for the first time since WrestleMania 32.

The WWE Universe first picked up the possibility of Austin making his return to WWE television because a t-shirt with the design of “Los Angeles 3:16” is being sold at the Staples Center right now and is available for purchase on WWE Shop. It’s a smart tactic even if Stone Cold doesn’t make an appearance because the shirt will still sell. However, the WWE Universe is now expecting a big return for The Texas Rattlesnake tonight.

It’s being reported that the odds of Stone Cold Steve Austin making his rumored return have fallen after the reveal that WWE officials have been selling the same design shirts at several WWE events recently. Austin’s name still resonates strongly with the WWE Universe that his merchandise still sells on a consistent basis.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Left WWE For Good
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On paper, Stone Cold lives in the Los Angeles area. A WWE return for him would not be out of the question, especially with WWE officials thinking outside the box to improve their television ratings. WWE fans would be upset if they were excited for a return for Austin only to get nothing at all. However, the fans will have an explanation why WWE has been selling the t-shirt design and why Steve Austin didn’t appear on Raw.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Returned Backstage During Last Nights Raw
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The most Stone Cold would do on Raw is help promote a match or give the rub to a current WWE Superstar for an additional boost. For instance, Austin putting over Roman Reigns has its advantages or him working with a heel for a promo could create some extra heat. The rare Stone Cold appearance is always special due to the infrequency of his returns. The Texas Rattlesnake can be very helpful to the WWE product even if he’s around for just a few minutes. Take the current rumor with a grain of salt, but don’t give up hope either.

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