Dems Dust Off Granny So Paul Ryan Can Push Her Off A Cliff Again – Video

Granny has been taken out of the mothballs and this time around she’s got a few more people smiling behind her in the new version of “Save Granny” as Fox News demonstrated on their Monday afternoon news report. A Paul Ryan look-alike is navigating granny in a wheelchair through a wooded park trail in what starts out like a nice outing for granny. It doesn’t take long for this ill-fated ride to end with granny going over a cliff, wheelchair and all. With granny over the cliff, the Paul Ryan imitator stands on top of the mountain looking like he conqueror the land.

This ad was originally made popular in 2011, but today folks online were quick to comment that the Democrats are stuck in a rut, all the way down to their advertisements. This ad gained a lot of momentum several years ago for its daring image of a Paul Ryan look-alike throwing this elderly lady over a cliff. It was even seen as quite comical back then, but it’s been done already.

There’s nothing new here, just a few added words of narration to bring Donald Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell into an updated 2017 mix. A liberal activist group reincarnated throwing granny off a cliff for modern times, but the image of granny is the same right down to her flowered housecoat.

Instead of just Ryan being the target of the ad, and although he is still the man pushing granny in the wheelchair, it is taking aim at Trump and McConnell for their ideas on healthcare, according to Biz Pac Review News. The new ad is seen below and the older version is posted right below this one so you can make your own comparisons.

What The Agenda Project didn’t count on this time around was Kellyanne Conway, who was right there to catch granny as she fell and put her back on the cliff from where the view is beautiful. No, Kellyanne wasn’t in the ad, but she verbally caught granny on Sunday when she appeared on ABC’s This Week. Granny’s safety net was Kellyanne this time around as she assured the nation, “These are not cuts to Medicaid.”

The new granny is narrating in this dusted off version of the “throw Granny off the cliff” ad, which is called “Save Granny” today. The narration sounds as if it is coming from Granny herself said, “During the election (President) Donald Trump promised to protect senior citizens like me from (Rep.) Paul Ryan. Trump, Ryan, and McConnell are Cutting $800 Billion from Medicaid.”

Granny also said that “President Trump is doing everything that young man says. They are cutting almost a trillion dollars from Medicaid.”

This time before granny goes off the cliff she says, “If President Trump keeps listening to (Rep.) Paul Ryan, we’ll all be on the street — or something worse.”

These are her final words as she goes over that cliff. This ad is starting to pick up speed as the Democrats bring it out of storage for a revival. They didn’t count on Kellyanne having the answers to debunk their claims this time around.


Kellyanne explains to George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning that the new healthcare only slows the future rate, allowing the governors of the different states flexibility with Medicaid dollars, but only in the future. Kellyanne went on to say if you are already signed up for Medicaid, you are grandfathered in, again, this is only for the future. The floodgates have opened for Ryan as he pushes to get the health bill alongside Trump with people poking at him every step of the way, like the recent tweet seen below.

There won’t be any granny going over the cliff and Paul Ryan isn’t going to be bringing the elderly for a ride through the woods on an ill-fated journey like the one portrayed in the “Save Granny” ad. This theme is starting to take root again. Below is another post on Twitter accusing Ryan’s Medicare ideas one way of killing people.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]