Dark Knight Rises ‘Outtakes’: Bane Gives Diet Advice, Freestyles At Gotham Stadium [Video]

Here’s a clip that didn’t make it to The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray (I ought to know, I bought it): Outtakes featuring Tom Hardy’s Bane teaching his henchmen about the benefits to a high-fiber diet, Batman’s playlist for “The Bat,” and a bit of super villain-freestyle at Gotham stadium.

Okay, so these are not actual outtakes from The Dark Knight Rises. After all, Christopher Nolan has spoken in the past about not including outtakes or deleted scenes on home media versions of his films, replacing them with tedious hours-long documentaries about things like the evolution of the Batmobile instead. But I digress.

The video below was posted to YouTube on December 7 by Auralnauts, and is semi-approaching viral with nearly 800,000 views as of this posting.

Whatever is going on in your day, whether you’re a Dark Knight Rises fan or not, this clip is worth eight minutes of your time. Whoever dubs Bane’s voice is so spot-on, you’d think it was Tom Hardy’s own strange cadence and vague ethnic accent.

In the clip, Bane stresses the importance of a healthy diet (on that ideally includes plenty of fiber) and interrupts the Gotham Rogues game with explosions and some sick free-styling. As a little bonus, scenes involving Batman flying “The Bat” are re-dubbed with familiar songs that should at least encourage a giggle or two.

Show these guys some love and push up their views. I’d say they’ve earned it.

The Dark Knight Rises Bane “outtakes”:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/IkMPZ7WeDck” width=”560″ height=”315″]