‘Dark Knight Rises’ Blu-Ray/DVD Comes With ‘Broken Bat Cowl,’ Hours Of Featurettes [Photos]

The Dark Knight Riseshits the home entertainment center in December, and we’ve got more details on what you can expect out of the special features, as well as a picture of the box, which features the collectible and iconic broken bat cowl from the film.

We know that it’s a long way until December, but we’ve got some details to stoke your interest in re-visiting Christopher Nolan’s final chapter in his epic Batman trilogy. Notes on the film’s special features, courtesy of Collider: The Blu-ray combo pack of The Dark Knight Rises will come with just about all of the extras you might want as a Bat-fan. Included will be a documentary about the history of the batmobile, a featurette called The Journey of Bruce Wayne, film trailers, and art galleries. The big deal on the special features side is the 17-featurette in-depth look at the making of the film, titled Ending the Knight which chronicles Christopher Nolan’s journey to finish his ambitious superhero franchise.

Of course, as is to be expected from Nolan, there will be no gag reel or deleted scenes to be had. Also absent is the rumored “director’s cut” which we at IQ have dedicated some manpower in investigating, coming up goose egg. Remember, Nolan always says that the theatrical cut is his “director’s cut,” so such a thing isn’t likely to exist.

Now there will, of course, be a regular Blu-ray/DVD combo pack (and a trilogy box set) but the limited edition The Dark Knight Rises is worth having a look at. I’ve always scoffed at the early superhero film trend of fashioning the box after the hero’s mask (as seen with Iron Man and The Dark Knight) because how the heck do you store that kind of thing? But this one is definitely worth a look, as it features the broken bat cowl from the movie posters and the scene in the film when Bane whooped Batman’s butt.

Images courtesy of EW:

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