‘My 600-lb Life’ Justin Assanti Update: Business Thrives Despite Recent Accident, Introduces Gus The Corgi

Between the two Assanti siblings featured in the latest season of My 600-lb Life, Justin was the one who seemed like he would prefer not being on camera. While Steven took every opportunity to directly show his frustration at his father and the medical staff who were trying to help him, Justin’s reactions to his weight problems were a lot more understated. The last time the My 600-lb Life community heard of Justin, he was focusing on his small business. What has happened to the reluctant reality TV stars since then?

Justin does not post updates about his personal life on social media as often as his brother. While the younger Assanti sibling does keep an active Facebook profile, his posts and updates are largely focused on the hobby shop that he was seen establishing when he and Steven were featured on the hit reality TV show. Called Hobby Haven, Justin’s small business sells numerous items, from authentic Mobile Suit Gundam model kits to Pokemon items to Dungeons & Dragons merchandise. From what could be seen in the reality star’s posts and Hobby Haven’s current 4.8-star rating from customers, it appears that Justin’s small business is doing pretty well.

Recently, however, Justin has posted an update on his personal profile, saying that he got into an accident at the store. According to the reality TV star, he was in the shop when he experienced a nasty bout of dizziness, causing him to fall.

Responding to his followers who inquired about the accident, the younger Assanti sibling revealed that his blood sugar was normal, but he was still having bouts of dizziness the day after the accident. Ultimately, the accident ended up forcing him to close his store the next day.

Justin, however, assured his followers on Facebook that he was not physically injured at all because of the accident. The small business owner and reluctant reality TV star, however, admitted that he has been feeling lightheaded every time he gets up to greet and service his store’s customers in the days that followed.

On a lighter note, Justin has introduced the newest member of his family, Gus the Corgi. Posting on Hobby Haven’s official Facebook page, the younger Assanti sibling stated that the puppy would be with him in his store every day.

In a lot of ways, Justin Assanti is the complete opposite of his brother. During a Reddit AMA a couple of months ago, Justin revealed that his life has been much simpler and quieter with him and his brother living in separate states. While Justin was depicted on My 600-lb Life as someone who might have serious emotional and psychological issues just like Steven, it appears that the younger Assanti sibling is dealing with his weight problems and personal issues in a far more productive manner than his older brother.

[Featured Image by TLC]