'My 600-lb Life' Assanti Brothers Update: Justin Does An AMA, Reveals Plans Of A Future Without Steven

This particular season of TLC's My 600-lb Life has been a roller-coaster of emotions for viewers, with the reality TV show's two-part season finale, featuring the Assanti brothers, downright shocking fans. While updates about the progress (or lack thereof) of the two brothers' treatment remain under wraps, Justin Assanti has managed to hold a brief AMA on Reddit, answering a number of questions that ranged from his hobby shop to his relationship with his brother.

The AMA, which was posted by Justin himself on Reddit, went online yesterday. Considering the following of My 600-lb Life, it was unsurprising that numerous fans addressed a number of questions that emerged over the Assanti brothers' two-part episode. Justin has promptly answered the majority of concerns that Redditors have posted, though he was unable to provide any information about his current weight, Steven's progress, and other information related to TLC's reality TV show. Nevertheless, Justin's answers provided an excellent view of the 27-year-old's hopes for the future and his relationship with his family.

One thing that fans of the reality TV series have noticed is the fact that Steven was horribly manipulative, throwing tantrums at his father and at medical staff to get what he wants. In the second part of the brothers' episode, Dr. Now himself had to put Steven in his place, firmly and assertively. When asked about his brother's inappropriate behavior and the fact that he gets so much attention, Justin's answer was brief yet poignant.

"I'm going to sound like a hypocrite with this answer. I think instead of making stupid videos and being a straight up jerk to everyone, he should work on his mental issues and addictions."
The Assanti brothers have managed to shock numerous viewers of TLC's 'My 600-lb Life.'
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Another big question that has emerged over the past two weeks is if Steven was a sociopath, considering his tendency to manipulate people who are willing to help him. His lack of manners and his inconsiderate nature has also brought many viewers to the conclusion that the 33-year-old overweight man was mentally ill. During the AMA, Justin also stated that while his brother has not been officially diagnosed with mental illness, he believes that Steven might be borderline sociopathic.

A huge concern that viewers have noticed is the amount of money that is being spent by the Assanti family, especially regarding Steven's expenses and Justin's new hobby store. According to Justin, his father has been making ends meet by working past his retirement age, which augments their income together with Steven's food stamps. These, together with Steven's medical aid, enable them to make ends meet.

"My father is retired but still works the same job he has been doing for over 36 years. Steven has medical that covers most of his drugs and hospital visits. His disability check covers his rent, but we pay his pills, and when his food stamps run out, we help with the shopping even though we are also broke."
As for his hobby store, Justin was completely transparent, stating that his father helped him pay the bills during the first months of the hobby shop. He did his part, however, by selling rare toys from flea markets online.
"My father helped with the first month (of the store) since it was double the rent due to the security deposit. Before that, I spent a lot of time going to flea markets and selling goods to raise the money. I would walk the flea markets looking for old toys to sell online. That also helped."
Justin Assanti, who was recently featured in TLC's 'My 600-lb-Life,' has opened a hobby shop to keep himself productive.
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One of the questions that were asked during Justin's Reddit AMA concerned his experience with his brother as a whole. From his answers, Justin appears to be firm in the idea of living entirely separate from his brother, whom he feels has caused him nothing but grief. Justin also noted that he and his father get along just fine, though they clash as well when it comes to his older brother. In a particularly intimate reply, Justin even described a particular instance in his childhood that involved his brother's abuse.

"I can tell one story from my childhood. When I was young, maybe 2-4, maybe 5, Steven grabbed my hand and slammed a door on it. I still have a scar on my finger from it."
Overall, Justin stated that he likes the calm in his life now that his brother is living away from him. His hobby store, which was featured in the recent My 600-lb Life episode, has been thriving, with Justin stating that his shop is steadily gaining a stable client base. Overall, Justin said that while the store could be stressful at times, he manages to get things done.

As for Steven's "apology" to his brother, which was panned by viewers as remarkably plastic and fake, Justin completely agrees with his brother's critics. The 27-year-old stated that he simply does not see a future with his brother still being involved in his life.

"Steven's apology was very fake on his end, and even if it was (sic) legit, I still wouldn't even consider it, I wasn't buying it either. I never want him anywhere near Rhode Island, if we ended up together again, I would leave instantly."
Justin also mentioned Dr. Now, who has taken a more rigid stance on patients during the recent episodes of My 600-lb Life. According to Justin, however, Dr. Now is far better and more professional than his old doctors, with the Texas practitioner being "nice on and off-camera."

The rest of Justin's Reddit AMA could be read in full here.

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