‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Did First ‘BB19’ Episode Recap Get Leaked?

Big Brother 19 spoilers may reveal what took place when the BB19 houseguests entered the game for the first time. A Tumblr user going by the screen name “nedskalantrs” has been posting information to his account, claiming that they are confirmed Big Brother 19 spoilers. Stating that he is related to someone on the show, he has also posted an entire recap of what took place when the 16 new game-players walked into the BB19 house.

It’s important to point out that this information is about as unconfirmed as it can get when it comes to rumors about a reality show, but it has been getting a lot of attention on social media. People are sharing some of his posts on Twitter, with quite a few Tumblr users taking the time to read everything he claims to be Big Brother 19 spoilers. If nothing else this has provided a bit of entertainment for fans of the show.

Among the claims of these Big Brother 19 spoilers on Tumblr is that the first group of eight houseguests to enter the game were Elena Davies, Dominique Cooper, Raven Walton, Jillian Parker, Cody Nickson, Kevin Schlehuber, Mark Jansen, and Josh Martinez. Entering the BB19 house as the second group was Ramses Soto, Jessica Graf, Alex Ow, Cameron Heard, Jason Dent, Christmas Abbott, Megan Lowder, and Matthew Clines.

The Tumblr account later states that once everyone was in the house, an endurance competition was held, with Cody Nickson emerging as the winner. Rather than taking over as the first Head of Household, he was instead faced with two choices. The claim from these Big Brother 19 spoilers is that working with the theme of “temptation” for this season, Cody was forced to choose between two offers that would affect how the game played out and come with consequences.

The first offer would grant Cody safety for three evictions, but he would have to immediately evict someone. The second offer would be to bring back the Battle of the Block competition, with the risk of bigger consequences should the nominees win it. If the Tumblr posts are to be believed, Cody took the first offer and is now safe from the first three evictions.

The Big Brother 19 spoilers continued to reveal that one of the consequences of choosing the first offer was that a new player would be entering the game. Paul Abrahamian, who also finished second place on Big Brother 18, has reportedly returned the game. This means that producers have once again placed a returning houseguest into the house.

While this information about the BB19 house might all be very believable, none of it has been confirmed by production or CBS and likely won’t until after the season premiere on June 28. Until then, they are at least intriguing Big Brother 19 spoilers, possibly making fans of Paul Abrahamian very happy.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]