Lydia McLaughlin Focusing On Kids Ahead Of Bravo Return: Will They Be Part Of The Madness?

Lydia McLaughlin has decided to return to The Real Housewives of Orange County this year after spending a few years away from the spotlight. When Lydia first joined the show, she seemed to fit the idea of the show. She was a housewife, was married, had children, and lived a fabulous lifestyle. However, regarding the drama, she didn’t add much. In fact, McLaughlin was so shocked that she walked off the reunion set for the show when the ladies got into heated arguments. As it turns out, Lydia couldn’t handle the drama, and she announced that she was leaving the show.

Many thought that McLaughlin wasn’t ready to film The Real Housewives of Orange County and they weren’t surprised when she left the show. However, when Bravo revealed that McLaughlin would be returning to the show, many thought that she was the wrong choice as it would be too tame. However, it sounds like Lydia has found her voice and she’s not scared to use it. In fact, she’s returning to the show with her husband and three sons.

According to a new Instagram post, Lydia McLaughlin is now opening up about her third son Roman, a son she had after she left The Real Housewives of Orange County behind. She didn’t have him when they were filming the show before.

It will be interesting to hear what Lydia McLaughlin has been up to since leaving the show and what makes her call Shannon Beador a “lost soul” on The Real Housewives of Orange County. McLaughlin has always talked about religion on the show, and it sounds like she wants to stand up for herself this year.

No word on whether Lydia will feature her sons on the show. They did film a few scenes when she filmed before, but she may choose to leave her three sons out of the show because of the drama that’s associated with the Real Housewives franchise.

What do you think about Lydia McLaughlin returning to the show? Do you think McLaughlin will be a great addition to the current cast since she has a past with some of the ladies?

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