‘Southern Charm’ Fans Want To Know If Their Questions Will Be Answered In The Season Finale

The season four of Southern Charm coming to an end, fans are wondering whether some of their nagging questions will be answered including those surrounding the relationship of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel and their ongoing custody battle for Kensington Calhoun Ravenel (Kensie) and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel (Saint). Also, this season of Southern Charm started with a teaser about a relationship between Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements but did that ever become an actual thing?

Despite talk about Thomas and Landon being an item on Southern Charm, it has become obvious this season that though the two might have hooked up in the past, the teaser about Thomas and Landon was concocted for television by Bravo. In a few episodes of Southern Charm, Thomas attempted to turn on the charm with flowers, wine, and dinner but Landon always looked like she wanted to run for the door. But that didn’t stop Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mama Patricia from trying to talk both Landon and Thomas into giving a relationship a try, with several dinners, including one with a fortune teller who hinted that the two were meant to be. At another get-together, Patricia found it charming that Thomas said he would not make Landon sign a pre-nup if the two would get married.

But the questions on the minds of fans of Southern Charm are all straight forward, and the first one is about the current state of the co-parenting relationship between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. It is fair to say that at least Kathryn has come a long way since this time last year when she headed off to Malibu to rehab. Kathryn has put her kids first, and though she went through a difficult time being limited to visitation every other weekend.

Kathryn has passed all of her drug tests since returning from rehab, and Kathryn and Thomas have a tentative agreement at this time, even though she is under a gag order not to talk about Thomas or their custody situation (should make for an interesting and less exciting Southern Charm reunion. When Kathryn was on WWHL last week with Andy Cohen, he read a statement in advance that clarified that he could not ask questions about the custody battle with Ravenel.

The next big question was about Thomas and Landon and it is now obvious to fans that it will never happen on season four of Southern Charm. In Key West Thomas was furious that Landon seemed to take Kathryn’s side in a conflict between the two. And even though Kathryn was clear that she didn’t believe Landon was sincere with her apology Thomas still saw it as Landon being disloyal. Add that to the fact that Thomas and some new blonde he met playing winter polo in California are all over social media, and most fans have already figured out that there will be no Thomas and Landon romance.

The last big question is about the relationship of Southern Charm stars Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo and whether or not the two are still together after a season of arguments and therapy. The answer to this one is yes, the two are still together, but despite the fact that Craig and Naomie are still together, things seem a bit rough. On WWHL last week, Craig seemed to still be very defensive about his on-screen arguments with Naomie, and he still believes that he was right (even though he admits that his delivery was not exactly the best).


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And Naomie has also since spoken up, explaining what was going on in her relationship with Craig.

“Honestly, for the last three months I would say, Craig and I just haven’t been getting along.”

Naomie explained that she was puzzled that despite setbacks, Craig still seemed so full of himself.

“I haven’t really wanted to think about why. I’ve just been wanting to blame him and be like, ‘OK, this is not my fault. This is your fault.’ For some reason, I’m obsessed with telling him he shouldn’t think so highly of himself. It’s weird.”

So while there won’t be too many answers in time for the final episode of Season 4 Southern Charm, hopefully, fans will learn more in the Southern Charm reunion.

Did you think Southern Charm season four was rather boring like many fans have expressed?

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