Weekend Box Office Report: 'Transformers' Tops 'Cars' With Weak Returns

Early weekend reports from the box office indicate that even though Transformers: The Last Knight topped all other films, it did so with weak returns and a disappointing turnout. That is not to say the box office returns were bad, but they failed to come even close to the production budget, which is never a good sign for big budget summer releases.

In an early report from Box Office Mojo, the appalling returns for Transformers: The Last Knight indicate the film has worn out the franchise power and there are signs that it might not recover unless something drastic were to take place. With only a $45 million box office haul over the weekend and a $217 million production budget, most of the power behind the franchise has fizzled out with major changes that have taken place in the over the past decade, which includes cast changes and stories being revised for alternate timelines.

In comparison to these abysmal returns for Transformers: The Last Knight, the former films in the franchise have all come back with high dollar returns on their opening weekends, which ranged from $70 million to $108 million. The second film in the franchise, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, brought in a total domestic haul of $402 million, which is a long shot for The Last Knight.

A saving grace for Transformers: The Last Knight is the overseas box office hauls, which have racked up over $196 million for a worldwide box office total of $265 million. That essentially earns the production budget back, but the return on investment is still minimal to say the least.

Cars 3 rolled into its sophomore weekend at second place, bringing in an estimated $25 million at the box office. This brings the Disney sequel to $99 million overall in the United States and the extra $41 million overseas brings its worldwide box office total up to $141 million. The production budget for the film has not been released.

DC powerhouse Wonder Woman is still going strong with $25 million in its fourth weekend, landing the female superhero film at $318 million at the domestic box office with several strong weekends to go. Wonder Woman also has strong overseas box office numbers with $334 million brought in for a worldwide box office total of $652 million.

[Featured Image by Paramount Pictures]