Jennifer Lopez Has A Smudged Mirror In The Bathroom And Fans Are Freaking Out

Jennifer Lopez has a seemingly perfect lifestyle, but how can she possibly have a smudged mirror in her bathroom?

The star posted a picture of her washboard abs as she posed in a crop top and joggers. The picture was a mirror selfie and what people spotted was amazing. There was a slight patch on her mirror that covered a part of her reflection, and people either immediately assumed the picture was photoshopped or joked about smudged mirrors in JLO's bathroom.

"Maybe jenny should clean off that smudge off the mirror and take another snap and show all those haters that it's not photoshop she is just naturally fine????????," said one.

"Guess your not allowed to have smudged mirrors when your famous???????? people just assume it's fake," said another.

There was another category of people who alleged that the picture that Jennifer Lopez had posted was altered. However, it was her true fans who came to the rescue and said that the Jenny from the block, doesn't really need any help from any photo-altering software.

Jennifer Lopez has always been praised for her fit and curvaceous body and none of it comes easy.

Gunnar Peterson, who worked with the singer for over 10 years, talked to Shape magazine about how the hot singer achieves her famed figure. Peterson said that the secret is in doing multiple exercises in targeted areas. Peterson also couldn't emphasize the importance of weights. And of course, cardio. Twenty minutes minimum. However, doing cardio doesn't have to be boring and one can always choose from a treadmill, elliptical or the bike.

But exercising is not enough. Eating right is what's even more difficult. Peterson, advises avoiding sodium and eating a balanced diet. He said it's important to have a deep-tissue massage once in a while.

He went on to say that it's important to have the right amount of protein, but when it comes to eating beef, once a week is enough.

It's clear that to achieve a celebrity body, one needs way more than just the right filters in the phone.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez's mirror selfie is photoshopped and her washboard abs are real? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]