Megalithic ‘Trove’ Update Coming To PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Lets Players Craft Classes

Although Trove on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been available for some time now, the console version of the blocky action MMO game was still behind the PC version. Next week, the voxel adventure will update with a new class, new biomes, and new collection items bringing it in line with the PC edition of the game.

On June 27, the Megalithic update will be applied to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Trove. The patch includes the Dino Tamer class, the Jurassic Jungle biome, a new event, and minigames. The Dino Tamer lives up to the name by summoning dinosaurs to aid the character in combat. Equipped with a gun, the Dino Tamer sets traps and calls in aid from three different types of prehistoric allies.

According to the official site, the update also adds a new nine-part quest and event that will offer new rewards. In July, another event will begin that rewards players with the dragon egg for a special dragon. New minigames, even more dragons, and the ability to craft classes are also included in the update. The Megalithic update makes Chaos Chests drop from enemies and adds Chaos Cores to their loot tables. Use Chaos Cores at a Chaos Crafter to create classes in Trove.

The Jurassic Jungle biome contains new enemies and dungeons [Image by Trion Worlds]

The patch includes seven new dragons for console players. In fact, the Megalithic update includes over 270 new collectible items like dragons, mounts, weapons, costumes, and more, as noted on the PlayStation Blog. The update also introduces PlayStation 4 trophies giving players a chance to earn 24 trophies for Trove.

Although Trove clients on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One are separated from each other, the Megalithic update makes the console versions current alongside the PC client. From this point forward, players across all platforms are likely to see updates around the same time. As the Inquisitr reported, console versions of the game updated with the improved loot collector and the crafting tab shortly after their release even though that content was already available on PC.

The latest update also added a few new selections in the Trove store. The latest Extra Life pack is now available with two dragon eggs, four costumes, six mounts, 14 non-combat allies, and 18 styles.

Seven new dragons let players fly in style and add many points of Master [Image by Trion Worlds]

More updates are planned for the box-filled MMO game throughout 2017. In a producer’s letter, subclasses, club improvements, plasma fishing, and a Mastery Rank increase are coming to Trove this year.

[Featured Image by Trion Worlds]

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