Upcoming ‘Trove’ Update Introduces Crafting Tab, New Loot Collector On PlayStation 4, Xbox One

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players are currently enjoying the open beta for Trove. The voxel MMO title from Trion Worlds is in its early stages of testing on the consoles with an upcoming update scheduled to bring it closer to the PC version and its inevitable launch. Soon, console players will notice a few new user interface features in their inventories and the game’s loot collectors.

The second update to Trove on consoles will introduce the helpful Crafting tab which is located near the Adventure and Building tabs. This tab includes selections for Currency, Components, and Gems. Items located in this new tab will no longer take up precious inventory space giving players much more room to hold weapons and armor.

A Boomeranger on a dragon in Trove [Image by Trion Worlds]

Currency like flux and glim are stored in the Currency section alongside forging items like shadow souls and Pearls of Wisdom. In the Components section, players will find their Dragon Coins, key fragments, and Shadow Tower items. As the official game website points out, the last section of the Crafting tab is home to gem dust, gem boosters, and gem shards.

Several of the collectible items in Trove will store in the Crafting tab freeing up several slots of inventory space to players. Items like Sticky Ichor, Radiant Shards, Robotic Salvage, and other various items used in creation are stored in the tab rather than using an inventory slot. With the new Crafting tab, players will not have to worry about whether or not they have space to pick up that Sunlight Bulb because the tab always has room. Not to mention, players can keep much larger values of all the items in the Crafting tab since they do not have to worry about stack size.

“These changes will allow you to find specific materials more easily and store them in much higher quantities, all while keeping the size of the Inventory menu the same.”

In addition to the Crafting tab, players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can soon expect to see the updated loot collector in Trove. Instead of selecting each item from the inventory to be placed in the loot collector, the new loot collector lists all items from a player’s inventory in one window.

Explore different worlds and zones on all types of mounts [Image by Trion Worlds]

Players can lock and unlock items before collecting the unlocked items. Items collected are destroyed as usual letting players break down unwanted gear in exchange for flux and other items. A Buyback option is also included in case a player destroys something accidently.

“The Loot Collector is a very helpful feature, but it’s not as easy to use on consoles as we’d like in its current state. With the release patch, you’ll get the updated Loot Collector, to make every aspect of the system work better.”

Trove entered open beta on consoles just last month. The free-to-play title is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in addition to the PC version. As the Inquisitr reported, progress made during the open beta on consoles will carry over to the live launch of the game. Players can collect appearances, level up classes, build their cornerstones, and up their Mastery without worry.

The action RPG continues to update with new allies, mounts, dragons, and more. Players across all platforms can expect more Shadow Tower bosses, more Uber levels, new rings, and more as Trove moves forward. A higher Mastery cap and more lore are also planned for a future update. According to the latest developer livestream, a higher level cap for the game’s several classes is not currently planned. A brief overview of the livestream is available on the game’s official forums detailing what was discussed earlier today.

An upcoming stability update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is scheduled to occur before the new Crafting tab and loot collector go live. Addressing the crashes on consoles is paramount before the game goes live. With these fixes and additions, Trove on console will be even closer to the voxel MMO’s official launch on those platforms.

[Featured Image by Trion Worlds]

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