Voxel MMO ‘Trove’ Now In Open Beta On PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Boxy adventures await PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players now that the MMORPG Trove is in open beta. The free-to-play voxel title from Trion Worlds is now available on both consoles during the open beta period of testing. Everyone can create or link an existing Trion Worlds account to get started in the cubic world filled player-created items, dangerous enemies, and endless adventure.

Trove‘s open beta on consoles features 14 of the MMORPG’s classes. When players launch the game, they choose their first class to unlock for free. Choose the versatile Boomeranger for a class that can use either ranged or melee weapons while tossing bombs at foes. Unlock the Tomb Raiser to raid dungeons alongside undead minions, or pick the hardy Revenant to go toe-to-toe with the mightiest foes. Other classes include the Pirate Captain, Shadow Hunter, Lunar Lancer, and many more.

A dragon mount in Trove, now in open beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One [Image by Trion Worlds]

In Trove, collection is king and players can collect just about everything. In addition to unlocking all of the game’s classes, players can also add skins, mounts, wings, pets, and more to their library of items. Every item in Trove unlocks a bit of Mastery, an overall account level measuring the amount of items the player collects. Leveling up the Mastery rank also rewards the player with new items, a little bit of power each level, and eventually unlocks daily reward chests. In addition to item collection contributing to Mastery, leveling each of the game’s classes also provides a bit of Mastery experience.

During the open beta, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can begin their collections without worry. According to the game’s official site, progress made during the open beta on consoles will carry over to the live console version of the game. Players are encouraged to build on their personal cornerstones, join and build in a club world, and work on their Mastery. In fact, early supporters of the game who purchase a pack while Trove is in open beta will receive Disaeon the Immortal, a legendary dragon mount.

“Progress made during the Beta test will be carried over when we go live – don’t wait to start your adventure. We’ve just scratched the surface of what is possible in Trove.”

PlayStation 4 players can download and play Trove for free, of course. Having an active PlayStation Plus membership will reward the player with a 20 percent experience boost. The boost is surely helpful in the later levels for each class where more experience is needed to level up. Players on the PlayStation 4 system can find download the game from the PlayStation Store with a download of less than one gigabyte.

A Knight player posing on a dragon [Image by Trion Worlds]

On Xbox One, the approximate download size is just over one gigabyte according to the Xbox One Store. Both on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One additional store purchases are available. Packs of Credits are sold for real money on the PlayStation Store and the Xbox One Store. Credits are used to purchase things from Trove‘s in-game store like new mounts, wings, tomes, Chaos Chests, and more. Special packs are also available in the PlayStation Store and the Xbox One store including items like Patron status, Dragon Coins, and more.

Patron status is the optional subscription service for Trove providing an additional experience boost, daily Chaos Chests, more jumps, increased Magic Find, and much more. Dragon Coins are a currency collected from hourly challenges that are needed to craft powerful dragon mounts. Dragons in Trove can fly and shoot fireballs that destroy blocks.

Trion Worlds announced the release of Trove on consoles back in July of this year. As the Inquisitr reported, there is no cross-play planned for the PC version and the console versions of the game. Moreover, there is currently no way for a PC user to copy their progress from the PC client of Trove to either of the console versions.

[Featured Image by Trion Worlds]

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