Man Who Fell From The Sky Remains Unidentified

London, England — The man who fell from the sky in September has yet to be identified and police are looking for the public’s help in the process.

The mystery of the dead man began in September when residents of a quiet London suburb woke up to see the crumpled body of a black man on the sidewalk of Portman Avenue, reports Yahoo! News.

Police initially believed him to be a murder victim, but later concluded that the man, who was likely already dead, fell from the sky when a jet passed by overhead and lowered its landing gear.

The apparent stowaway had no identification papers, though he did have Angolan currency, leading investigators to believe that is where he was from. Inquiries also show that a plane from Angola was landing around the time the man fell from the sky.

Catherine Lambert, who lives just a few doors down from where the man landed, recalled:

“You could see him, his body was contorted. It was a beautiful blue day, really sunny, but we had to keep the children inside. I didn’t want the children to see, and to have to explain to them and put fear into them every time a plane goes over.”

The New York Daily News notes that a London police spokesman who wasn’t authorized to speak on the record stated that police are appealing the the public for help identifying the man based on a composite sketch of his face, as well as a tattoo on his arm.

The tattoo inked on the man who fell from the sky shows the letters “Z” and “G” and is on his upper arm. There is a horizontal line through the “Z.” Police believe the man to be from Angola, but stress that there is only circumstantial evidence linking the man to Angola.

Police believe that the man is an African of slight build and is between the ages of 20 and 30. He was discovered after he fell from the sky on September 9.