Jeff Zucker Could Shake Up CNN Mornings

Newly appointed CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker may be doing some moving and shaking with the network’s morning show.

Monday’s edition of The New York Post reports on the possible addition of anchor Erin Burnett to the CNN morning broadcast. Burnett, currently a primetime host for the cable outlet, would be shifted to the morning schedule in an effort to boost poor ratings.

Currently, CNN’s morning offerings rank below that of competitors MSNBC and Fox News. They would need to make even further strides to compete with morning giants such as Today and Good Morning America.

Zucker’s experience in successful morning news programming is substantial. According to Mediaite, during his previous stint as executive producer for Today, he led the show into becoming the nation’s leading morning program. It was a spot that the show held for 16 years.

If there is a shakeup in the CNN’s morning anchors, it will come on the heels of another recent bout of tinkering at the news outlet.

The Huffington Post reports:

“Last year, the network scrapped its entire lineup and replaced ‘America Morning’ with two new shows. From 5 – 7 am, the network launched ‘Early Start’ hosted by Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin. And O’Brien made her official return to CNN mornings as the host of ‘Starting Point,’ a program featuring a roundtable discussion of rotating panelists.”

Mr. Zucker is slated to take the reins at CNN in January.

Do you think Jeff Zucker will boost the ratings at CNN? What is your go-to source for morning news?