Nylah Lewis: 7-Month Old Baby Beaten Savagely By Father Dies Of Injuries

A baby brutally beaten by her father has died of her injuries, the NY Post is reporting.

Sixteen-month-old Nylah Lewis died on Friday at the Maimonides Medical Center in New York after her father, Shaquan Taylor fractured her skull in two places during a severe beating on Father's Day. The 19-year-old was watching the toddler when the tragic incident occurred. Nylah's mother had returned to the Coney Island apartment to find her little daughter unconscious, struggling to breathe and with multiple bruises on her face.

The mother, Tammy Lewis, tried to leave the apartment with her daughter, but she was stopped by Taylor who punched her in the face. A friend eventually left the residence with the baby even as the 19-year-old man continued to assault the mother of his child. The woman eventually called 911 and Shaquan Taylor was arrested where he was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and assault.

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office said it was highly likely new charges would be brought against the 19-year-old man in light of the toddler's death.

According to New York Daily News, Nylah suffered multiple fractures and was also bleeding from the brain. The little girl needed a blood transfusion after her father pulverized her tiny body, and died four days later. Nylah was declared brain dead and on life support. Doctors had warned that her brain condition was irreversible. The grandmother, Belinda Lewis had revealed her daughter was taking it very hard.

"My granddaughter is brain dead. My daughter is devastated. She's breaking down."
Lewis had spent a few days praying for a miracle and for her granddaughter to pull through. The grandmother pulled no punches when she called Taylor a monster and that she wished he would commit suicide.
"He is a monster. Every time he goes to court I'm going to be there. He's going to hate me because I hate him. I wish he'd kill himself."
Taylor had denied hurting his daughter and portrayed himself as a loving father. The 19-year-old had claimed that the little girl sustained her injuries from a fall. Doctors had argued that the little girl's injuries were not consistent with a fall. After beating up the baby, Taylor had called the mother to tell her something was wrong with the child. When Tammy Lewis stormed the apartment, she had grabbed the child and tried to leave. Taylor had punched her in the face while she was still holding on to the child.
Shaquan Taylor initially wanted Tammy Lewis to have an abortion.

He is expecting another child with a different woman.

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