‘7 Little Johnstons’ New Baby News: Amber And Trent Discuss Adopting Another Addition To The Family

Apparently, 7 Little Johnstons may soon become 8 Little Johnstons!

As In Touch Weekly reports, parents Trent and Amber Johnston, who have already adopted three kids at various points during their marriage, plus their two biological kids, are considering adding a sixth child to their expanding family.

Fans of the popular TLC show know that the family already have adopted three kids — all with achondroplasia dwarfism — from various countries: Anna came from Russia, Alex from South Korea, and Emma from China. (The couple’s two biological kids, Jonah and Elizabeth, also have androchoplasia dwarfism, like their parents.) But as viewers learned in the most recent episode, dad Trent recently learned that there’s another child with achondroplasia dwarfism available for adoption, also from China.

Trent tried to sell a reluctant Amber on the adoption.

“I really have the feeling that, you know, he should be a Johnston.”

Amber isn’t so sure.

“If we set ourselves up with another young child and something happens to us, we’ve got this responsibility hanging out behind us.”

Amber is right, of course: adopting a child is a lifetime commitment. Even if your child leaves the nest at 18 (something that fewer and fewer American kids are doing these days), he or she will still be yours forever.

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And if your child has physical or developmental disabilities, he or she may be in for a lifetime of care.

There are other considerations, too, of course. Dwarfism brings its own set of problems; some people with andochroplasia dwarfism, like the Johnstons’ TV colleagues Zachary and Matt Roloff, will have health problems for their entire lives. Of course, other people with dwarfism, like Amy Roloff, have made it through life with comparatively few health issues.

And of course, the world in which people with dwarfism live is not always accommodating to their needs.

And in the midst of all of this, the Johnstons are in the midst of a massive renovation project on their fixer-upper home.

So you can understand why Amber wants to proceed cautiously.

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As the Hollywood Gossip notes, with the Johnstons’ show having been renewed for a third season, whether they choose to adopt another child is going to leave fans guessing until probably 2018.

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