Jenelle Evans Posts Father’s Day Tribute To Fiancé David Eason

Jenelle Evans has been through a lot of men in her life, but she believes she has found the one in her current fiancé, David Eason. Although all three of Jenelle’s children have different fathers, she has stated that Eason has stepped up to the plate from day one and has acted like a father to her two older boys.

The mom of three dished to E! Online that she sometimes struggles with caring for a newborn and a toddler, but that David Eason is a huge help to her. She claims that from the beginning, he’s jumped in and changed diapers and helped be a role model to her boys.

Jenelle Evans’ eldest son, Jace, is not in contact with his father, so Jenelle says that he acts as a surrogate at times. Her middle child, Kaiser, is shared with her ex, Nathan Griffith, though his behavior has often been erratic.

For the recent holiday of Father’s Day, Jenelle Evans shared a photo of herself with David Eason, their daughter Ensley and David’s daughter from a previous relationship, Maryssa.

Her tribute read, “Since day one you have taken the role as ‘dad’ in our family. Whether this meant changing a toddler’s diaper when the child isn’t even yours or teaching my boys how to be men. Being a mom is hard, but I have a man that does just as much as I do. You are really everything to me and our family. Thanks for everything you do for us babe.”

Jenelle Evans is known to have had fairly dramatic and erratic relationships with men in the past. She and her mother have often been at odds due to the men she’s dated, and she has confessed that some of them enabled her past drug habit. Recently, Jenelle Evans admitted that she would sometimes shoot up heroin four to five times a day, and her ex, Courtland Rogers, has said they often did it together.

Although Jenelle Evans says that her life with David Eason is now stable, she is still struggling with abandonment issues after her father, Robert Evans, dropped her, her mother, and brother and sister when she was little. She has explained that this trauma in her life is partially what has made her date men back to back and has made her seek out men that, at times, don’t even care for her and instead are simply looking for fame or sexual fulfillment.

In her new book, Read Between the Lines, she states that she wished she was more observant in her mother and father’s relationship, as she is sure she is playing out some of the same issues in her current romantic pairings.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]