Cory Booker’s Decision On Run To Affect NJ Politics Either Way, Christie At Risk

Cory Booker‘s decision on his political future may have far larger implications for state politics — as it looks ever more likely the much-beloved Newark mayor will at some point end up facing up against Sandy hero and Gov. Chris Christie in what is certain to be a satisfying bit of political theater.

Cory Booker’s decision will almost certainly impact Christie, who has been lauded by bipartisan allies lately but scorned by the GOP base who viewed the portly politico as a traitor to the party for embracing President Obama in the devastating days after Sandy hit.

Booker has recently addressed Christie’s political weak spots in an interview on CNN’s Sunday show Starting Point, declining to couch his assessment in political double-speak and heading for the jugular. The Newark pol said plainly that Christie’s own party dissatisfaction coupled with his placement as a conservative stalwart in a liberal state puts him at a disadvantage — one Booker isn’t shy about planning to exploit.

Booker says of his upcoming decision to potentially challenge Christie for the governor’s mansion:

“We think to any Democrat, Christie is vulnerable … And I think as it should be, because there’s a lot of issues in the state he’s not falling in line with, from women’s issues, from environmental issues, from really going in a balanced way.”

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Booker also openly said he was “absolutely considering” going head to head against the popular but controversial Christie and noted that polls aren’t the be-all and end-all when predicting who will come out on top, citing the first Bush presidency as an example of polls not bearing electoral fruit:

“The polling showed George Bush I ahead and sailing towards reelection … If you look at head-to-head matches right now, it doesn’t put him that far over 50 percent.”

Cory Booker confirms his decision on the gubernatorial race will be made in the next few weeks. Do you think he’s got a shot at besting Chris Christie?