‘B&B’ Spoilers: Kimberlin Brown Lands One Year Contract, Brad Bell Interview Reveals Plans For Villain Sheila

B&B spoilers from a brand-new interview with Bold and the Beautiful head writer and executive producer Bradley Bell reveal that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is sticking around LA for quite a while. The exclusive interview with TV Insider says that B&B signed a one-year deal with Kimberlin to stay put as uber-villain Sheila, and we can see already from recent Bold and the Beautiful spoilers that she’s already got her eye on Eric Forrester (John McCook). Plus, Sheila turned her gaze on Quinn Fuller’s (Rena Sofer) portrait to let us know she’s got Quinn in her sights. That is great news. Here are some more tidbits from the Bell interview.

Sheila’s return is about Bold not The Young and the Restless

Although Y&R spoilers already hint that Sheila will go to Genoa City — and some even brag that Adam Newman’s recast will entangle Sheila — Bradley Bell would laugh at all of that. He even mocked Sheila’s insane plastic surgery plot over on The Young and the Restless that made her over to look like Michelle Stafford.

Bell said, “That Y&R story was so…” and left it dangling to indicate the ridiculousness of the strange twist and “death” of Sheila in Genoa City.

Although Bell also said with Scott Grainger Jr. (Daniel Hall) over in Genoa City now and Sheila’s obsession with his father (plus the baby stealing back in the day), he won’t rule out loaning Sheila to Y&R at some point. For now, though, Sheila is in LA and there to stay.

Bell says Quinn vs. Sheila is coming soon

There have been a ton of misleading Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promising Quinn’s kissy infidelity with her stepson, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), will come out at any moment. However, Bell’s interview shows otherwise. He says it’s a long story arc where Sheila and Quinn get along well until Sheila finds out some of the things that Quinn has been up to, much further down the road, and then decides “maybe Quinn isn’t so wonderful after all.”

Bradley Bell also teased that his long-range plan for this Sheila arc will play out over many months, not just a few weeks, and revealed that it would be “Kimberlin Brown and Rena Sofer going at it in a war to the death! It doesn’t get any better than that.”

It certainly doesn’t since not only did Brad Bell wow the viewers with this big shocker but setting Sheila up as Quinn’s rival is fabulous. It also shows just how deeply Eric can read women wrong and how much he seems to love a bad girl. Bell also talks about how he had Kimberlin sneak onto set so that no one knew she was there and to prevent any social media leaks. All that secrecy paid off in that jaw-dropping moment of Sheila’s stunning reveal.

But what about Deacon?

We saw on The Bold and the Beautiful that Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) was the shooter, and that thrilled many viewers. However, it was also a disappointment because no sooner had the fabulous Kanan showed up, he was carted off in cuffs. Brad Bell was asked whether Deacon will be sticking around, and the news is not good for fans of Deacon and his portrayer, Sean Kanan.

Bell told TV Insider, “This is it for Deacon in the near term. Deacon is at his best when he shows up out of nowhere.”

The scribe also said Deacon couldn’t get any justice for Quinn trying to kill him since he’s got no proof or witnesses. Hilariously, Bell also addressed the knee-slapping scene where an angry, wet Deacon showed up after surviving the cliff shove with seaweed still stuck to him. Bell said the seaweed was an effect Deacon did to “scare the crap out of” Quinn, and it worked and remains a classic Bold and the Beautiful scene.

Katie’s new lover revealed

There have been some recent Bold and the Beautiful spoilers that Katie Logan (Heather Tom) will finally get her nose out of Quinn’s business when she’s distracted by a new love interest. B&B rumors have it that Katie’s new lover is none other than Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), which is great as a twist since she was married to his dad, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), and can’t stand his mom, Quinn. Brad Bell shared that Katie’s rivalry with Quinn is moving to the side so Sheila and Quinn can face off woman against woman.

Bell said, “We’ll be moving Katie in an entirely different direction.”

In case you haven’t noticed on recent Bold and the Beautiful episodes, Katie and Wyatt have been sharing scenes, so the seeds are planted. Are you excited about Katie and Wyatt? What do you think about Kimberlin Brown landing a one-year deal at B&B? Will you tune in to see her take on Quinn? Who do you want to wind up with Eric, Quinn or Sheila?

Look for more on the Quinn-versus-Sheila rivalry as things heat up soon, according to new Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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