Lucy Hale Slammed Over Fat-Shaming Comment, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fans Upset With Actress

Lucy Hale is best known for her role as Aria Montgomery on the widely popular teen drama Pretty Little Liars. The series is nearing its end with only two episodes left, and the fans are on high alert for any potential spoilers the actors may drop. Yesterday was Father’s Day, and Hale decided to join other celebrities and celebrate her father. She took to Instagram and shared a photo of herself with her dad. While the premise was sweet, her comments on the photo sent fans into a tizzy.

With body image being such a big deal among teen girls and the fact that Lucy Hale is the star of a teen drama, her comments have raised some concerns. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Lucy Hale is under fire because she fat-shamed herself. On the photo she posted of herself with her dad, she commented about being “so fat.” Immediately, her followers began going nuts. Several spoke out and told the Pretty Little Liars actress that she was wrong to comment about her weight when she was obviously not obese in the photo. There was talk about her negative self-image and the reaction her young, impressionable fans would have about what she said.

You taught me to have soul. I love you daddy.

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After being in the spotlight for several years as Aria Montgomery, Lucy Hale is ready to move on from Pretty Little Liars. She is set to star in a new series debuting this fall called Life Sentence. Fans have been following her to find out what she is up to and to see if she is going to share an inside information on either show. Aria joined the AD team on Pretty Little Liars, and with only two episodes left, it seems that fans are eager to find out if she was playing for the other team throughout the series. Rumors have pegged Hale as A from the beginning, but now, no one is sure what is happening.

Waiting for something. No trespassing

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The fat-shaming comment made by Lucy Hale is something that many are still talking about today. She has yet to respond to the fans who have called her out. With all of the hype surrounding Pretty Little Liars and the series finale in two weeks, Hale will likely remain quiet about the mini-scandal. The last several years have seen many changes for the young actress, and while she was not fat by any means in the photo, she has slimmed down considerably. Body images are a slippery slope, and being a celebrity with fans who are young and impressionable is a tough job.

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