‘SC’ Star Thomas Ravenel Throws Yet Another Uncomfortable Dinner Party, But This Time He’s Roasted

Just say the words Southern Charm dinner party at Thomas Ravenel’s house and things get tense. Last season, scenes from the dinner party were played throughout the season, culminating in social disaster. While the crew of Southern Charm came to Thomas’ house to mix, mingle, and have some dinner, instead they were greeted with a slam of epic proportions that ended with the guest literally being run out of the house and into the streets of Charleston, escaping on a golf cart. So it’s pretty logical that a Season 4 Southern Charm dinner party at Thomas Ravenel’s might provoke some anxiety, but this time, Ravenel wants to make amends and says this time, guests are free to take a shot, but can it stay civil?

You can watch a clip from the new dinner party here.

Fans differed when it came to what really happened at the last Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel dinner party that left Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Cameran, and Landon shaken. Some think that there must have been alcohol involved, while others believe that Thomas started out trying to be witty and urbane but “lost his bearings” when his guests reacted badly defending themselves against his criticism. Afterward, most of the cast, including Shep Rose, laughed it off despite the fact that it almost came to blows in the street, but fans are dying to know what really happened.

Bravo just released a tease of the next Southern Charm dinner party at Thomas’ house, and while the clip is not complete, things look guarded but civil. In an attempt to smooth things over, this time, Thomas asked his guest to roast him and bring a prepared speech to turn the tables on the volatile host. Yes, this includes Kathryn Dennis, who also tossed some shade at Craig and Shep along the way.

But while the clip is filled mostly with lighthearted jabs from Kathryn and Whitney, it was Craig Conover’s speech that made the dinner a bit awkward. Craig went hard for several of Thomas Ravenel’s tender spots, which include his failed political career, living in his father Arthur Ravenel’s shadow, his broken engagement, and dragging down the Ravenel and Calhoun names (not to mention the fact that Kathryn also slept with Whitney and Shep too). The laughing stopped and the uncomfortable snickers started.

Enter Whitney Sudler-Smith with very welcomed Southern Charm comic relief, who also riffed on Thomas’ failed political career, his DUIs, and assault arrests, but Whitney really hit a note when he joked about Thomas’ famous uber tight white pants that Thomas likes to wear out on the town.

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However, at the end of the clip, Thomas Ravenel was laughing and seemed to be okay with being the butt of the joke, which is new. Over the four-season history of Southern Charm, it seems that most dinner parties have been awkward and ended badly. For example, at the recent dinner party hosted by Whitney’s mama, Patricia, in honor of her friend and caftan business partner Georgette Mosbacher, Ms. Mosbacher explained that she does not tolerate cursing or harsh talk. Well, buckle Georgette, because the Southern Charm crew hasn’t gotten the memo about using their indoor voices.


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Liz Farrell of the Island Packet described the doomed set-up best.

“Manipulative is you and Cameran trying to act like an all-white Indian dinner party that includes one Indian guest (who is only allowed in AFTER dinner) is NOT the place to discuss Thomas’ future with Kathryn and Whitney’s decision to maybe get coffee with her. Where else do you two sensitive Sallies suggest this happen? Patricia Altschul’s Hos and Pimps barbecue next month?”

Georgette had to take leave of the ruffians, but the polite soiree at Casa Patsy broke down fast, with Shep and Craig unable to hold their tongues any longer, schooling Landon Clements in particular.

Here’s hoping the Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel roast doesn’t devolve into more Charleston chaos.

What do you think of the new Bravo Southern Charm dinner party hosted by Thomas Ravenel?

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