Would You Drive Down This ‘Haunted Road’?

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Some people believe places can be haunted, others don’t, but many who have traveled the winding road that connects Seaforth to Narrabeen in New South Wales, Australia, say the stretch of road called Wakehurst Parkway is a road they prefer never to travel again. Their own experience tells them that it’s a haunted road.

The Mirror reported that many motorists are way too scared to drive down Wakehurst Parkway in New South Wales, Australia.

Strange things happen on this section of road: radios switch off or suddenly ramp up, windscreen wipers suddenly stop working, cars lock and unlock themselves, but even more – people say ghoulish apparitions appear under the cover of darkness.

There have been many unexplained supernatural occurrences on the stretch of road known as Wakehurst Parkway, and drivers say there’s a pedestrian crossing at Oxford Falls where the green man flashes repeatedly at 3 a.m. every morning, despite no one pressing the button.

But perhaps even scarier than that are the two ghostly women who appear on the highway at night: one is an older woman, the other younger, and they simply terrify motorists when they appear in people’s rear-view mirrors. It’s been reported that both women enter cars at the Oxford Falls end of the road and terrify drivers in the rear-view mirror.

Local legend has it that the elder of the two women is a Scottish nun who died on Wakehurst Parkway 50 years ago, while the younger woman’s name was Kelly, who was killed in tragic circumstances in the 1970s. The story goes that Kelly was a slain hitchhiker who was trapped in the back seat of the vehicle.

And now comes the really scary part! Mary Loughland is a psychic medium, and she believes that most hauntings happen in places where tragic deaths have occurred. She says she’s seen Kelly many times, and that if you don’t tell Kelly to leave your vehicle, she’ll run you off the road.

“The first time I took the road was about six years ago. It was about 2 A.M. and I had the feeling of someone touching the back of my neck. It felt like a cool hand would on a cold day. She is like a white, veiled apparition of a girl in the back seat. My daughter Ellie used to drive down the road on her way back from work at Chatswood RSL. She has seen Kelly as well as an older woman in her car, who could be the nun.”

However, Mary doesn’t believe Kelly is an evil presence; she’s a traumatized one who’s basically just looking for a ride home.

Twenty-two-year-old Samantha Fisher from Bilgola Plateau says that while her mother, Sherryll, was driving there in 1998, she blacked out without reason.

“She blacked out coming up to a turn, she remembers feeling the accident happening however couldn’t move or see, but could hear and feel it. I was three-years-old and I slept through the whole thing: the car went up one of the sides of the rock faces and once at the top the car tipped off the side and smashed down on the road. Mum had a broken back but recovered fully after three months of no movement, and I had no injuries.”

In 2015, filmmaker Bianca Biasi decided to make a movie about Wakehurst Parkway, and Bianca said that filming in Deep Creek Reserve was terrifying. This is one particular characteristic of the road that connects Seaforth to Narrabeen, a place believed to have been a murderous spot popular for dumping dead bodies.

“We had a psychic medium with us and she described in detail that someone had been murdered there. All of a sudden the actors started behaving strangely. A couple started throwing up and we considered hospitalizing one because it was so hard to calm her down. Something instinctively told me to get them out of there – it was eerie. I’ve been to a lot of haunted places and there is something very eerie about that place.”

The Daily Telegraph reported that grisly murders and many fatal crashes should be enough to make Wakehurst Parkway a road to avoid if possible, particularly after dark.

Mary Loughland said she usually sees Kelly when she goes past the C3 Church at Oxford Falls. At other times, Mary will experience a “buzz on the radio” or the car doors will unexpectedly lock.

“I feel Kelly is either lost or has a message to deliver. She is not an evil presence, but one that’s traumatized. She is saying, ‘I need a lift out of here’. Maybe she was trapped in the back seat when she died or was hitchhiking, and that’s why she wants to get into people’s cars.”

Filmmaker Bianca Biasi said the haunted road experience was “freaky and terrifying.” And it was only two weeks ago that she had another blood-draining experience while filming a pilot for another TV show.

Bianca and her crew were filming a re-enactment involving an actor playing Kelly. During filming, a glow was noticed behind the actor, which was still visible after camera lights were turned off. The actor said that she started feeling “really, really cold,” and those watching her noticed her face turning white.

Later, the actor explained that the experience felt like all of her blood had drained from “from the top of her scalp to her feet” and that she had been frozen in place.

Biana Biasi says she’s visited many haunted places, including haunted roads, but there’s something very eerie about that place.

“There is definitely darkness there.”

Wakehurst Parkway undoubtedly has a scary past. In August of 1994, Richard Leonard killed Stephen Dempsey with a bow and arrow at Deep Creek Reserve. He then dismembered his body and put it in a freezer.

In March of 1995, Francis Tizzone’s decomposed body was found dumped just meters from the Parkway at French’s Forest. She had been strangled by her partner.

And 8-year-old Graham Thorne’s body was found in a vacant allotment in Seaforth. His school case was found in bushes along Wakehurst Parkway, with other effects strewn along the road.

Do you believe that Wakehurst Parkway is a haunted road? Share your stories in the comments below.

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