iPhone 8 Tempered Glass By Olixar Leaks, Design Confirmed?

The iPhone 8’s design has been hinted at yet again by another leak, this time of a tempered glass for the device. The design is consistent with the past leaks including the screen protector and the renders, which might mean that the iPhone 8 is indeed going for a bezel-less look with a cut-out at the top part.

iPhone 8 Front Design

Reports state that Apple has already started the production of its next set of iPhones, including the iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and the awaited iPhone 8. Simultaneously, companies that make accessories for the iPhone handsets have also started mass production to prepare for the handsets’ release in September.

As a result, photos of screen protectors and cases have been leaked, confirming the rumors that have been surrounding the iPhone 8 for a while now. The latest is a tempered glass manufactured by Olixar, Know Your Mobile reported.

As can be seen in the photo below, the iPhone 8’s design consists of ultra-thin bezels on all sides, except for the top. Unlike Samsung, Apple pushed to make most of the front as part of the screen. However, as the camera and sensors needed space at the front, the company top bezel had to bite into the display to fit them.

iPhone 8 Back Design

The front of the iPhone 8 may still leave some questions, but the back should look exactly like what the leaks show so far. Judging by how consistent the leaks are, industry observers are almost 100 percent sure what the iPhone is going to look like.

The dual-camera system at the back will be placed vertically, rather than horizontally as seen on the iPhone 7 Plus. There were debates about the placement of the fingerprint scanner, but recent reports indicate that there will be no such thing at the back as also suggested by the case below that is being mass produced as well.

That means that the fingerprint sensor is going in the front. While Samsung has failed to develop and produce a display-integrated scanner, Apple is reportedly successful in their research and is ready to introduce the tech on the iPhone 8 in September.

More news and leaks should surface in the weeks leading to the iPhone 8’s reveal, even though the design has been almost cemented at this point. Watch out for rumors about its specs, which are being kept tightly under wraps.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]