UFO News: Possible Legitimate Sighting Recorded Sunday Morning In New York

A seemingly legitimate UFO sighting has recently been reported this Sunday in New York. Conventional UFO sightings usually involve shaky, grainy footage from low-resolution cameras and sensationalist claims, and this has led to numerous alleged alien encounters being debunked or criticized by skeptics. These factors, however, were not present in the recent New York incident, as the captured footage was shot and taken using a fairly high-resolution device. The witness has not made any claims about what the strange craft could be, either. Needless to say, the brief clip has managed to get many UFO enthusiasts interested.

The footage, which was recently uploaded to YouTube, featured what appears to be mysterious lights flying above the trees in a NY suburb. According to the video description, the footage was taken at around 4:30 a.m. from a driveway. The video’s uploader has not claimed that the strange object was of alien origin. Instead, the witness has simply stated that the object, whatever it might be, looks distinctly like a UFO.

The video has also been shared on Reddit since being uploaded to YouTube, and so far, it has captured the interest of alien enthusiasts in the active online community. While alleged UFO sightings usually end up being debunked as hoaxes, the uploader of the video has stated that she is in no way intentionally misleading the online community. In a statement on Reddit, the owner of the footage declared that the mysterious lights could not be from buildings in the area, nor could it be lights on a tree.

“I swear this isn’t a troll. I know it’s really huge but this is by my house and (I) know the area and I have no idea what it could be. It couldn’t possibly be lights on a tree (why would there be anyway) and there is a building but it’s only one story and the lights inside couldn’t look like this, and are always off anyway.”

So far, no explanation for the mysterious New York sighting has emerged from UFO enthusiasts. According to some Redditors, the lights could have been caused by a scheduled NASA launch in the area, which is scheduled to spray tracer chemicals in the upper atmosphere.

Inasmuch as this could be a possible explanation, however, NASA’s official webpage for the mission stated that the nighttime rocket carrying the chemicals would be launched on Sunday night, not Sunday morning. Thus, there is simply no way for the sighting to be caused by the NASA mission, seeing as the nighttime rocket has not been launched yet.

Considering that the sighting was captured by a high-resolution camera, the details of the mysterious object could easily be seen. From what could be seen in the captured footage, the object appears quite large, far larger than any consumer drone in the market. As the UFO community begins to study this recent sighting, however, the truth behind the mysterious glowing object would remain unknown for now.

[Featured Image by Ursatii/Shutterstock]