Cosby Predicted A Mistrial, Called The Courtroom ‘His Stage’

Bill Cosby’s trial for sexual misconduct has ended in a hung jury, and reports are stating that Cosby new it would all along. Reports from Page Six state that the comedian treated the entire situation very lightly, almost as a joke. According to them, he called the small conference room in which he waited to be called in for testimony the dressing room, and the courtroom itself, he referred to as his stage.

During breaks in the proceedings, Bill Cosby evidently appeared confident that his case would end in a mistrial. According to the same publication, he would repeat to those within earshot, “All I need is one.”

He also stated that he knew all he had to do was cast a shadow of doubt for one juror, and he would be able to walk. He was confident from the beginning that his lawyer would be able to do so, resulting in a hung jury and allowing him to escape from any consequences of his alleged actions.

According to onlookers, Bill Cosby compared his plight to that of Nelson Mandela on Robinson Island, telling those around him about the time he and his wife, Camille, met the South African icon. He talked about how, if he would be convicted, he would draw strength from his meeting with him.

Bill Cosby’s defense attorney is now also worried about his client’s health, and has called the court proceedings unfair and unnecessary. Brian McMonagle, who has been representing Cosby says that the fact that the jury ended in a mistrial makes it obvious that it should end and that no further proceedings should be allowed to continue.

Since Bill Cosby is legally blind, McMonagle stated that the trial itself was extremely taxing on his health, and is worried that it could be possible that his client may not survive another trial.

As such, he also feels it is unfair that Bill Cosby is having to defend himself against accusations that are over a decade old. This, he feels, puts his client at an unfair advantage and he believes that if abuse did take place that the alleged victims should have come forward years ago.

McMonagle says he is ready to defend Bill Cosby again should there be a second trial.

[Featured Image by Gene J. Puskar/AP Images]