Millionaire Posts Highway Billboard Looking For Latina Girlfriend

San Diego millionaire and philanthropist Marc Paskin wants a Latina girlfriend for Christmas, and he’s not bothering with online dating sites.

The real estate mogul posted a huge billboard at a cost of $4,000 a day above the San Diego Freeway making his intentions clear.

A widower who lost his wife from diabetes-related complications in 2002, Paskin apparently received about 15,000 emails so far in response to the billboard in the Barrio Logan neighborhood although the lower portion of the sign containing his contact information was mysteriously torn off on Friday.

Paskin, 63, explained to the Carlsbad Patch why he specified a Latina girlfriend in his giant personal ad:

“Latina women are beautiful, kind, sexy. I love their culture and a strong sense of family. Without a doubt they make the best wives or girlfriends.”

Paskin appeared on the ABC reality show Secret Millionaire last year and gave out a lot of money to Detroit residents who had fallen on hard times. He is well known for his generosity to charitable organizations and individuals. As ABC News 10 in San Diego explains, “Paskin is a self-made millionaire known for opening his heart and his pocketbook to those who need it most.”

The real estate mogul told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the sign will be repaired and his quest for love will continue:

“I will not let the vandals discourage me — nothing will get in the way of me finding my dream woman, my soul mate. In fact, when they tear it down, it makes me more determined to find my special lady — that’s why I am a success, I never give up. Nothing gets in my way. I know I will find her.”

Do you think the no-longer-secret millionaire’s search for love is sincere as he claims or could it be a publicity stunt for another reality show?