‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 95 Recap And Review: Frieza Proves That He’s A Better Fit For Sidra’s Title

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 just aired, and it ultimately proved that the recently resurrected Frieza was indeed the evilest character in the entire franchise. During the course of the episode, Frieza spread so much terror among the assassins sent from Universe 9 that Sidra and Rou, the gods behind the attack, were practically forced to admit that the villain from Hell would make a fine God of Destruction himself. The fact that Frieza threw Goku into a ball of Hakai energy when the Saiyan’s guard was down was icing on the cake.

Warning: Spoilers below!

Being the villain that he was, Frieza immediately started bragging about how he could manage his energy better since he had been mental training in Hell. With this, he was able to take full control of his Golden Form without wasting power, according to noted DBS fan-translator Herms98. Calling it the “True Golden” transformation, the villain began to lay waste to the Universe 9 assassins, regardless of the fact that they were bragging about how their universe was far superior to Universe 7.

Despite Goku telling Frieza to stop killing the U9 assassins, the villain was unperturbed. Soon, a dog warrior from Universe 9 used a particular gift he received from none other than Sidra himself — a ball made of pure destruction energy. It hit Frieza, but he was able to manage and concentrate the energy. Considering that Frieza just deflected a god-level strike, Goku was extremely impressed.

Frieza, for his part, was not able to resist the temptation, and he struck Goku with the destruction ball. The Saiyan, after all, had his guard down and was in his base form. The villain goaded Goku to break free from the destruction ball, and when he was unable to, Frieza mocked the Saiyan, saying that his time in Hell must have made him far too strong.

Interestingly, Sidra and Rou soon decided to check in on their assassins through a crystal ball. Instead of getting an update on the attack, however, they were greeted by Frieza, who extended his wishes to join the Universe 9 team. The God of Destruction and the Kaioshin pondered the idea, but before they could decide, Beerus and Whis showed up.

Beerus then saved Goku, the latter apologizing for neglecting how much of a jerk Frieza could really be. Whis aired his opinion, stating that they should definitely not trust the recently-resurrected villain. The Angel, however, also said that Frieza might have been bluffing to gain some intel from Universe 9.

Goku and Frieza eventually ended up sparring with each other, and the villain was ultimately impressed by the Saiyan. Goku, after all, had become a lot stronger since they last fought. Overall, the sparring match ended in a tie, with neither the golden villain, nor the Saiyan gaining the upper hand.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 was received very well by numerous fans of the long-running anime series. In online forums, such as Reddit, many fans have particularly been impressed by the incredibly smooth animation and fight choreography in the episode. Some have even noted that the quality of DBS Ep 95 was on par with the franchise’s recent feature length films.

Characterization-wise, it was difficult to point out problems in DBS Episode 95. Frieza pretty much acted according to his character, and his interactions with the U9 assassins were classic throwbacks to how he was back in Dragon Ball Z. In fact, one of the key moments of the episode involved Sidra and Rou realizing that Frieza was far eviler than they are, and that the villain would probably make a fine God of Destruction someday.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 stood as one of the finest episodes in the ongoing Universe Survival Arc. With the Tournament of Power officially starting next week, the anime is set to get even better.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]