‘Hairy’ Swimsuit Is Barely There And Driving Some Strong Emotions On The Internet

With the summer in full swing, women are celebrating their beach bodies by donning sexy bathing suits and two-piece ensembles. Nonetheless, one novel creation is setting off some strong emotions on social media sites: the “hairy” swimsuit.

The folks at BuzzFeed published a post on the swimming suit that is causing people to lose their hair. At the center of the kerfuffle over the aquatic attire is the hair swimsuit — honest to goodness!

Just when you think you’ve seen the most preposterous fashion ideas, a bathing suit chock full of chest hair hits the market. As Batman’s Commissioner Gordon would say — “Great Caesar’s ghost!”

Beloved Shirts is the manufacturer and retailer of the hairy swimsuit. Based on its website, the “sexy chest tan one piece swimsuit” is offered at a $15.00 discount ($44.95).

Based on WGNT‘s coverage, the unusual bathing suit is eye-catching but hard to look away from at the same time. It’s designed to — get this — mimic a man’s hairy torso. It doesn’t stop there; the cringe-worthy apparel has realistic bum and back hair. It’s a comical take on the so-called “dad bod.”

Huffington Post calls the hairy swimsuit “quirky” while others on social media shared their takes with memes and pretty clever quips.

HuffPost takes a deeper approach from the perspective of human relations and prevailing attitudes about image and beauty. In other words, society has strict rules and expectations along gender lines: “While a man’s ‘beach body’ can be topless and hairy, expectations are different for women.”

Apparently, the daddy bod is not just for dads, per se. The question women have to answer before making a buying decision is whether or not donning a hairy one-piece bathing suit will embarrass their children.

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The short answer, according to multiple sources, is a resounding yes. In the video below, one woman slipped into a pink version and the reactions from her kids are priceless. You’re deserving of umpteen props if you show up to the beach — totally sober — in that hairy getup.

Heck, Kelly Ripa even got in on the action. During a Thursday taping of the show, the Live co-host stripped down to the nude daddy bod bathing suit, as AOL reported.

If you’re on the fence about owning a hairy swimsuit, the maker offers “Hassle-free” returns and your “satisfaction is guaranteed.” With that said, if you’re not completely happy about your eye-catching swimsuit — and things get a bit hairy (pun intended) — simply return the item for a refund.

What have you got to lose?

[Featured Image by Olha Odrinska/Shutterstock]