Bey’s Mom Parties The Night Away Amidst Rumors Her New Grandchildren Have Arrived

Beyonce is expected to give birth to twins any day now — that is, if she hasn’t already. There has been tons of speculation online about the arrival of the Carter twins over the past few days. While Beyonce’s exact due date is unclear, the BeyHive, as her fans are called, is swarming. The fact that Bey hasn’t uploaded anything on social media this month suggests that something is going on — that maybe Beyonce has already popped.

Other rumors surrounding the birth of the twins revolve around Bey’s mom, Tina Knowles Lawson. According to People Magazine, the grandmother-to-be (who is already a grandma to Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy) was spotted out dancing the night away at a friend’s party on Friday night. Fans are already breaking down every possible scenario about Tina’s night out.

The first theory is that Beyonce already gave birth. Tina was already at the hospital and the babies are already here. She went out with her friends because it was a pre-scheduled event and she needed a break from helping with the newborns.

Theory No. 2 is that Beyonce has not given birth yet, which allowed Tina to go out and enjoy herself, knowing that her daughter wasn’t in labor. If this is actually the case, that would mean that Beyonce did not give birth on June 17. It is highly unlikely that her mom would be out dancing if Bey just gave birth, right?

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And while the BeyHive has been trying to dig deep here, Tina Knowles Lawson didn’t give away any hints about a Beyonce and Jay Z delivery. Nothing in her recent Instagram captions references the twins — not even close.

And if you think for one second that Beyonce and Jay Z fans aren’t all over Tina’s social media, you’d be very, very wrong. Tina has a solid 1.2 million person following on Instagram. The BeyHive is all over her page, making sure that any information that slips out gets scooped up right away.

While the arrival of the Carter twins doesn’t seem as huge as the arrival of their first baby, there is still a lot of chatter going on and people are simply dying to see the first photos and learn the names of the new babies.


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Do you think that Beyonce has already given birth?

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