Melania Trump’s Birthday Card To President Has Weird Stain Sparking Bizarre Theories

Donald Trump turned 71 this week and to honor his birthday, First Lady Melania Trump presented her president husband with a birthday card. Melania also posted a picture of that card on a social media site to share with the masses. On that birthday card was a tiny stain, so small that it was hard to spot with the naked eye, but someone did.

The first lady tweeted a picture of the birthday card along with a few emojis depicting hearts and the American flag. As with anything else that’s displayed, said, or pictured about the Trump family, this too was analyzed by the folks across the social media universe.

According to the Mirror, this birthday card was rather straight-forward, but it still sparked many theories because of that stain. Most of the theories were in a joking manner, but one, in particular, was a rather dark theory.

The card read, “Happy Birthday Mr. President,” which was done in fancy writing below the gold presidential seal. First of all, to even see the stain, the picture needed some zoom-in effect because the spot that is being called a “stain” was tiny.

One woman online did just that. She honed in on the stain with a zoom-in tool and the stain became noticeable because it was enlarged. From there, the theories of how that stain came to be just continued to run wild. The card appears in both the tweets above and below, but the stain is so small it isn’t seen, although it is really there. That tiny mark is in the space between “Happy Birthday” and “Mr. President.”

There’s a tweet further below in the article where someone enlarged the card so the stain could be seen and then they wrote the word “covfefe” around the spot. This is in reference to Trump’s made-up word that he tweeted a few weeks back.

Some of the theories were funny and some were also comical and endearing at the same time, but not all of them. When enlarged, this stain has an orange hue to it, so references about Donald Trump shedding a tear of joy over the card was seen a few times. The orange color of that stain was said to be the orange spray tan on his face gathering up in that tear and falling onto the card. This, of course, was an attempt at comedy.

Others thought the mark had a secret meaning to it from Melania, stirring up those “help-me” rumors once again. The theory that she secretly wants out of the marriage and is sending messages in code to indicate this is a rather dark theory, suggests the Mirror. This started months ago, but it is a theory that still seems to be alive and well among some of the anti-Trump people who are among the social media users today.

Another person wrote that there’s “a stain upon the presidency,” as seen in the post below. Following that is another “spray tan” reference to the stain. When all is said and done, the Mirror suggests that the most obvious reason for a tiny stain like that is a splash of tea, coffee or soft drink that happened to spill while the card was in the area. For a stain that is no bigger than the tip of a pencil, folks have spun a lot of theories out of this one tiny spot.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]