Massive Update Regarding John Cena’s Creative Freedom As A ‘Free Agent’ After His Return

John Cena will make his return to WWE television during the July 4th edition of SmackDown Live in a few weeks. However, there is a lot of speculation about his status since he’s being advertised as a “free agent” on WWE programming going forward. It’s being reported that WWE officials are looking to get the most out of Cena while he’s back with the company, which means he will likely be working Raw and SmackDown Live.

A lot of people are unhappy with WWE officials ignoring that John Cena was drafted to SmackDown during the WWE Draft. He was supposed to be exclusive to “the blue brand,” but the powers that be want him used on Raw as well to help boost ratings. However, more details about John Cena’s status with WWE have come to light, and it’s being revealed that he will have a lot of freedom upon his return to WWE programming.

John Cena Will Have The Right to Choose to Compete On Raw or SmackDown
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It’s being reported that WWE officials have specifically made John Cena a “free agent” for him to work both on Raw and SmackDown brands, which means he can appear on more PPVs and ensure that he has a much larger pool of potential opponents. The WWE Universe assumed this was the reason for the change in status, but the fans weren’t aware of how much freedom the powers that be are really giving Cena when he returns.

As of this writing, it’s unclear if WWE officials are giving Cena the choice to go whenever he wants or to feud with whoever he wants on WWE television. There is a good chance the powers that be are working out their creative plans for Cena’s return, but it seems that the sixteen time WWE Champion will have a lot of input regarding those plans for the summer. On paper, he could appear regularly on both Raw and SmackDown.

John Cena Can Feud With Anyone He Wants to in WWE
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As far as WWE live events are concerned, his return was expected to provide a huge boost to the attendance and merchandise numbers to house shows. However, it’s possible that Cena will only be working television and PPVs. John Cena has always been known for his abnormal schedule, which means he could be featured on house shows for Raw and SmackDown, which is a big reason for his new “free agent” status in WWE.

WWE officials intend to get the most out of John Cena while he’s back with the company before his next hiatus. There is no question that he will provide a boost to any show he appears on, but WWE fans will accept his new status if he offers an explanation for the change. Other than that, the WWE Universe should be thrilled to have John Cena back on WWE programming, especially if he can begin a rivalry with anyone.

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