WWE News: Reason Why John Cena Has Become A 'Free Agent' Revealed

After months of speculation, it was revealed that John Cena would be returning to WWE television during a special July 4 edition of SmackDown Live. The expectation is that Cena will be sticking around through at least WWE Summerslam. If he were only making one appearance, his return would have been booked as a surprise. However, his status on WWE TV is confusing because he's now being referred to as a "free agent."

There have been reports for weeks about WWE officials starting to panic about their ratings and attendance numbers dwindling since Wrestlemania. It's been reported that the company is expecting a huge boost from John Cena's return. Apparently, the powers that be are viewing Cena as WWE's only major draw. Therefore, WWE officials are making him a "free agent" to ensure he can appear on both Raw and SmackDown Live.

A lot of WWE fans are unhappy about John Cena's exclusivity to "the blue brand" being ignored. John Cena was drafted just like most WWE Superstars, but that fact was simply cast aside without an explanation. On paper, Cena had an interesting thing on SmackDown. In many ways, he was the Brock Lesnar of the brand, but WWE officials have decided that he needs to appear on Raw sometimes to help with dwindling ratings.

John Cena Has Been Busy Outside Of WWE
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From a business standpoint, it's obvious why WWE officials would want John Cena on WWE programming as much as possible, especially considering how much mainstream exposure he's created for himself. There is a ton of momentum going for him outside of WWE. His loyalty to the company throughout all his success should be appreciated because ninety-nine percent of other performers in his position would leave the WWE.

Eva Marie just left because she has a good chance at a career in Hollywood, and she does not have nearly the star power of John Cena. It's unclear how WWE officials intend to use their biggest star on WWE television, but no one should be surprised if he makes regular appearances on Raw, especially if he starts having some new rivalries on the show. However, Cena is still expected to have his major programs on SmackDown Live.

There have been rumors about WWE officials planning Cena vs. Roman Reigns for WWE Summerslam this year, but those have been shot down by some recent reports. Having Cena as a "free agent" opens up a ton of possibilities, but the most likely course of action will be to keep John on SmackDown Live to begin a rivalry with Jinder Mahal over the WWE Championship and eventually bring Nikki Bella back to the brand as well.

John Cena Will Likely to Featured On Raw the Same As Brock Lesnar
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As of this writing, it's unclear how WWE officials intend to book the couple after their big proposal together on the grandest stage of them all. The two may be kept apart on WWE programming going forward, but the pair will receive a lot of attention through their wedding. There are quite a few balls in the air regarding the return of the sixteen time WWE Champion, but it's something officials still have several weeks to figure out.

The company has taken quite a financial hit during Cena's absence. As a result, they want to double down on him while he's back on WWE television. It's understandable why the powers that be would do that, but a lot of people simply want an explanation why he became a "free agent" on WWE programming. Plot holes have always been a part of WWE, but it's not too much to ask for a reason why. Even without reason, WWE fans will be thrilled to have more John Cena. The potential of having him on Raw is very exciting for most fans.

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