Mother Arrested For Allegedly Nearly Beating Her 11-Year-old Child To Death In A Beach Exorcism Attempt

A California woman was arrested on Friday after she allegedly hit and choked her 11-year-old child in an attempted exorcism on the beach, the Miami Herald reported.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call around 9 a.m. reporting that a mother was on the beach attacking her child near Ferndale, California. The caller revealed that the mother was attempting an exorcism.

The Sheriff’s Office said that the mother had stripped the child naked and shoveled sand into the child’s eyes and mouth. Apparently, she was trying to cast demons from the youngster.

The mother ‘s name is Kimberly Felder.

The alleged assault was witnessed by 12 people, according to the Sheriff’s Office. A Ferndale resident, John Marciel, tried to save the child from his mother’s attack.

Marciel stepped in and sought to restrain the 45-year-old mother. He struggled to get her away from the child, as she continued to hit the kid. Before he could get her away from the youngster, she grabbed a piece of driftwood and hit the child on the head.

The Sherriff’s Office arrived a short time after that and pulled Felder away from the child.

Mother arrested after she attacked her child, claiming she was preparing an exorcism. [Image by Igorstevanovic/Shutterstock]

The ambulance took the child to the hospital for treatment, including severe ear and eye damage, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Felder is being held on attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, felony child abuse, and aggravated mayhem charges.

The Sherriff’s Office praised Marciel for stepping in when he did. His heroic actions likely saved the child’s life. The man will be given the Red Cross Life Saving Award for his role in saving the youngster’s life.

A stranger saved the child from his mother on the beach exorcism.
A stranger struggled to save the child from being beaten to death. [Image by Lauraslens/Shutterstock]

Law enforcement couldn’t wrap their minds around how 11 other people saw this woman allegedly almost kill her child and they did nothing. If it weren’t for John Maciel intervening, Felder would have killed her child.

The mother claimed that she was trying to “do the right thing” by getting rid of the demons that had taken over her child’s body. The hospital has not updated the youngster’s condition, but the child should make a full recovery. It’s unclear why the mother thought that her child was “full of demons.”

[Featured Image by Humboldt Sherriff’s Office]