Shawn Mendes Apologizes To Katy Perry, Takes Back Claims Of Butt Grab Harassment At iHeartRadio Music Awards

Jennifer Swarthout

On March 5, Shawn Mendes was standing on the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards Festival. He was in the middle of an interview when he became distracted. "Someone was just touching my butt," he claimed. Shawn Mendes was visibly surprised and shaken by the encounter. It was nearly impossible for him to continue on with his train of thought.

Mendes looked around for a moment and returned to the interview with the claim that it was Katy Perry who was touching his butt. After admitting that he was a Katy Perry fan, he stated that he had never met her before.

The ladies interviewing Shawn Mendes laughed at the incident, turning it into a joking matter. They made a suggestion to Mendes that he should return Katy Perry's favor and grab her butt. He immediately shot down the suggestion, saying "No, I cannot do that. That's not good. That's not a game."

Katy Perry can be seen looking at Shawn Mendes in the video below. When he looks her way, she takes off in the other direction. At the time of the interview, Shawn was told that the mystery groper was Katy Perry.

While many viewers responded to the situation in a lighthearted way, Shawn Mendes didn't seem humored by the situation. He was stunned. Shawn Mendes fans went to Twitter to express their concerns regarding the sexual harassment double standard.

"I don't think it's actually true. That's what I was told. But actually then I saw her later that night and she told me it wasn't true."
"So I'm sorry for all of those rumors, Katy. Extremely disappointing."

The cameras on the red carpet that night didn't get a clear shot of the incident and now, Mendes is claiming that he was mistaken. Fans and social media followers of both Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes are thoroughly confused.

The video of Shawn's iHeartRadio Music interview proves that something did happen. Someone did, in fact, touch Shawn's butt at the iHeartRadio Music Awards that night. In the podcast, Mendes wiped Katy Perry's name clean. If not Katy, who could it have been?

[Featured Image by Dave Kotinsky /Getty Images]