Vince Russo Blasts Kevin Owens’ Weight Again, Said He’s ‘Blocking His Refrigerator’

It is no secret that Vince Russo does not have the most positive opinion of Kevin Owens. In fairness, Russo has made it clear that the biggest issue that he has with Owens mainly stems from the lackluster gimmick that WWE has presented him. After having a meteoric push in NXT that stemmed from a victory over CJ Parker (NPJW’s Juice Robinson), and a heel turn on his best friend Sami Zayn shortly after, his popularity in Ring of Honor and the indie circuit obviously did not go unnoticed.

Owens even made his main roster debut as the NXT Champion, something that has never happened before, and defeated John Cena cleanly at his first pay-per-view on the main roster, Elimination Chamber. Not only did this substantially propel the interest of NXT, but it automatically put Owens on the map as someone to pay attention to.

Although Owens would win the Intercontinental Championship shortly after his debut, and even become the second ever WWE Universal Champion, many felt that his character was significantly lacking the appeal that transcends the hardcore fanbase and could draw casual fans back into the fold.

Russo shared these sentiments, and did not feel that Owens was being booked to elevate his status by way of a strong character. Russo also added in previous media remarks that Owens needs to lose weight. He stated in a tweet, “When you’re (sic) body is your living NO EXCUSE to not be in shape,” also using words given to the wrestlers by Vince McMahon that in order to be a star, you have to look like a star.

Owens responded, “I’m very proud of the fact that I’m not Vincent Russo’s cup of tea. Quite frankly, I’d be worried if I was.”

To further hit home his point of appearance playing a major factor in the success of a pro wrestler, Russo sharply critiqued a statement from a wrestling journalist over Jinder Mahal failing to succeed as a top heel during his recent edition of “Castrating the Marks.”

Unhappy about the statement made, Russo responded, “When Kevin Owens comes out, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat? No, bro. When Kevin Owens comes out, I’m guarding my refrigerator, so he doesn’t break in it and steal all of my freakin’ ice cream! That’s what I’m doing, bro!”

Always finding creative ways to use controversy for the sake of entertainment, Vince Russo is not going to gain much support from die-hard wrestling fans over Owens’ physical appearance. Despite this, Owens has indeed used his weight as an advantage in many instances. However, with the “prize fighter” and “face of America” gimmicks, there just hasn’t been enough to reach the larger audience, which further enhances Russo’s point.

[Image By WWE]