Aziz Ansari Casts Doubt Over ‘Mast Of None’ Season 3, Says It May Never Happen

The first two seasons of Master of None have undeniably been a comedic success for Netflix, adding even more rich content to its expanding library of original shows. With that in mind, it’d be safe to assume that the streaming platform would want to bring the show back for a third season. However, creator and star Aziz Ansari has suggested that might not be the case.

Speaking to Vulture following the release of the show’s second season on Netflix, Ansari claimed that he couldn’t promise fans a third outing for the comedy. In recapping the show’s second season, Ansari said that the aim was to “make something more ambitious” this season – which he feels the critics and audience reaction suggests he did. However, having achieved everything he had set out to do with that aforementioned second season, Ansari claims that bringing the show back for a third season isn’t a foregone conclusion.

“I’m just glad people like it. And if you’re like, ‘When’s next season?’, chill out a minute. We just finished,” he said. “I don’t know if we’ll do more. If we don’t do more, I hope people look at these two seasons and feel like it’s a cool document of this time and relationships and just everything. If we don’t do a season three, we’re around. We’ll make something else.”

With that in mind, in his comments, Ansari didn’t explicitly rule out a third season of Master of None, however, it’s clearly not a decision that he’s going to rush into making. That said, if Ansari and Netflix don’t go ahead with a third season, there’s undeniably going to be a good deal of disappointment amongst the show’s fans, especially considering Season 2’s cliffhanger finale.

According to Digital Spy, in his comments, Ansari also touched on that aforementioned cliffhanger finale, which saw Dev and Francesca together in bed, despite the fact that it seemed like she was leaving to be with her fiancé. Ansari claimed that he wanted to end the season on something of an ambiguous note, which would allow viewers, including himself, to make their own conclusions. That said, he wasn’t going to share his own particular conclusion for the season, suggesting that it would ruin the experience for viewers.

“The ending, I’m going to be a little coy about sharing my own personal interpretation, but I will say I was curious what people would think of the ending,” he said. “It’s really dependent on who you are and where you are in your own head to decide what that thing means. I will say it’s not a flashback. It’s not a flashback to the blizzard scene because we’re wearing different clothes and she doesn’t have an engagement ring on.”

Ansari shot to fame for his role as Tom Haverford in NBC’s critically acclaimed sitcom Parks and Recreation. Haverford starred alongside Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman in the show which spanned seven seasons. However, there’s speculation that the cast could reunite for a comeback season, which Ansari could be referring to when he says “We’ll make something else.”

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