iOS 11’s Best Features On The iPad

The iOS 11 is Apple’s next major software update, which brings a slew of new features in its devices. The good news for iPad users is that it has finally been customized for the tablet, meaning we can use it more effectively as a laptop replacement rather than an oversized phone. A beta version is now out for developers, and here are the current features that make the iOS 11 a winner on the iPad.

Control Center

Looking for more freedom to customize your iPad? iOS 11 now allows that, but you’re restricted to the Control Center. At the least, you can put shortcuts to turn on Screen Recording, perhaps, or create a new Note. The 3D Touch feature widens the possibilities of doing more with just a swipe and without leaving the current app.


The current iOS – and the ones before it – massively lacks a good file managing system, but iOS 11 changes that. The operating system brings the Finder into the iPad and even the iPhone and renames it to “Files” for better viewing and managing of your device’s files. You can access your storage through it and also your cloud services such as iCloud or Dropbox.


The Dock now feels more like macOS, too. The new iOS 11 now allows users to put up to 13 apps on the Dock, which can be accessed in any app. According to Stuff, the new Dock now floats and from there, you can open an app, adjust an app, or apps in Split View.

When accessed within an app, the Dock comes with the Control Center and the App Switcher, which is the iPad’s version of the Mac’s Spaces feature. From there, you can switch apps and view your most recently used ones.

Drag And Drop

iOS 11 offers new features such as Split View
[Image by Apple]

With the Split View feature, users can easily Drag and Drop in iOS 11. You can highlight texts in one app and drag it over to another app and drop it there, copying the text without going through the motions of Copy and Paste. You can also drag photos, links, files, and more and drop them in any app to copy them, Mac Rumors reported.

Apple’s new iOS 11 is set to bring new features that are yet to be discovered in the next beta updates. The final version is set to be launched alongside the new set of iPhones, which are most likely arriving in September. Once it arrives, expect to be able to use your iPad like a MacBook.

[Featured Image by Apple]